Eric Frein Look-Alike Continues To Attract Police Attention

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CANADENSIS -- School was closed for the fifth time in the Pocono Mountain School District due to the manhunt for a suspected cop killer.

Nearby in the Canadensis area, we found one man who can't seem to walk to work without being mistaken for alleged cop killer Eric Frein.

Down Snow Hill Road and across Route 447 near Canadensis, James Tully has made this five-mile trek to and from work for about a year now.

But now he's drawing some unwanted attention from police looking for alleged cop killer Eric Frein.

"Because I'm walking and I'm carrying a book bag, and for some reason people seem to think I'm the one they're looking for," Tully said.

Troopers have stopped Tully more times than he cares to keep track of, disrupting his walk to take a closer look at this "Frein look-alike."

It even happened right as our cameras were rolling.

"I've lost count after 20 in total. The most on one round trip stretch was about seven times."

Now Tully wears his photo ID badge from his employer, JA Reinhardt, a factory that does metal manufacturing for mostly military equipment in the Canadensis area.

But even with the badge, Tully says he was ambushed Friday night on his way home from work just after midnight.

"Driver jumps out, yelling to get down on the ground, has his rifle pointed at my head. Now I'm doing my best to comply with him, he kept screaming at me wanting to know what my name is."

Tully says a visit to the hospital revealed he had bruised ribs from the incident.

Now, as the search shifts to the Swiftwater area, he hopes Frein is found sooner rather than later because Tully can't afford a car and can't afford to stop walking to work.

He's now wearing a reflective vest to deflect some of the suspicious looks he's been getting.

"The one they're hunting for, he's not going to stand out. He's going to try and blend in. I want to stand out so I can let them know; look, I'm not the one they're looking for. Just let me go on my way."

Pocono Mountain school officials tell Newswatch 16 teams of troopers and FBI agents searched the campus on Tuesday.

They plan to make a decision on whether or not to have school on Wednesday by about 8 p.m. Tuesday.


      • BZ22

        They use those cruisers paid for by us for their own transportation between home and work depending on the shift. Most likely one of them would be going the same direction as this dude and they’d be protecting him which is their job!!

      • barbara

        Ok give the guy a ride! for once for all the money the state police are getting, why not do something good, right now they are getting big bucks for doing nothing.

  • John

    The way the PSP drive around like wack jobs on tv flying up and down the roads, I believe this is the only way they will get him is by hitting the guy with the cruiser.

    • jb

      Did you ever see the many pictures of the state police standing around and looking down, they looking at their paycheck making sure the overtime is right, not looking in the woods for Frein. I you see a trooper looking in the woods he knows the news people are taking pictures so he has to look as if he is playing the part.

  • Mary

    This poor guy looks nothing like Frein. And I’m almost positive he is not wearing camouflage to work. The guy is trying to make a living and doing the right thing paying his child support. Maybe the PSP could give the guy a ride to work after they stop him. I really hope a lawyer sees what happened to this poor guy and picks up his case pro bono.

  • erica

    if i were mike i would be very upset and i would be making then pay for the doctor bill they have stop this poor man several times its just crazy this eric character you looking for had left the state already its been over a nonth already stop wasting our tax money

    • The Cherch Lady

      Im sure one or two of the 1000 fund raisers for the troopers will help this guy with those medical bills

  • Tommy

    This guy is going to get fired from work because he gonna be late cause the dumb a$$ police keep stopping him. I feel bad for him. I’d like to give him a hug.

    • ToddReeder

      If he gets fired because of them constantly stopping him maybe he will file a law suit against the police. He might have grounds for filing one now. And he looks nothing like Eric Frein. What if the did this to a high school student because they were carrying a backpack and may have been dressed in a certain way? It’s time to stop they waste of money on a search for someone they will never find.

  • TED

    You’d think one of those police officers would give the guy a lift. For his own safety if nothing else, someone will shoot the poor guy.

  • Truth_Wisdom

    I can see it happening a couple of times but not twenty or thirty or more. Shouldn’t there some kind of report be circulating between the different law enforcement agencies that a guy is lawfully walking to and from his place of employment between certain times of the day. Also included in the report is he is wearing a GREEN FLORESCENT
    vest. Additionally why can’t some of the more “WELL OFF” people in the area help this guy and get him (DONATE SOME OF YOUR MEGA BUCKS ) a ride back and forth to work until this thing blows over????

  • Laura

    I wonder if he would be open to someone buying him a bike. Would make the trip a little easier for him. I do give him props for walking that far to get to work.

  • mace

    So this guy was in the hospital for bruised ribs due to a beating he took from our law enforcement ? I would would be getting myself a good lawyer and taking this officer to court ! Actions like that are completely unacceptable and should not be tolerated by anyone ! If he was complying to their commands, there is no reason reason for force to be used ! What would happen if one day he gets fed up with this nonsense and just does not listen to them and they shoot him ?

    • john

      You are right. I been saying all a long something set Frein off to make him kill the cop, but the state police will not tell us and are putting it all this on Frein so they look good. if they kill Frein his story will be white washed and we will never know the real truth of what happen. this guy got hurt by the state police and I know a lot of them can be real assholes on a good day. they can never be wrong and will always have the last word that’s all built into their personality or lack of it. We need better people on the top and they need to be retrained to respect people, after all they work for us not control us like they have ss swastika on their arm, it’s to a point that you can feel as if you are in a dark place like north korea and not the USA how they want to treat you. the state police are already out of control and undoubtedly work for themselves and can do as they please, if you as a tax payer like it or not. WE NEED CHANGE and a stop to this waste of your money.

      • Charlotte James

        “Driver jumps out, yelling to get down on the ground, has his rifle pointed at my head. Now I’m doing my best to comply with him, he kept screaming at me wanting to know what my name is.”

        Tully says a visit to the hospital revealed he had bruised ribs from the incident.

      • SMH

        JohnnyD you should pay attention a little more. He said he was tackled to the floor and went to the hospital as a result he had bruised ribs. Sounds like a beating to me. Guess your on the side of the state police, until that is you or someone you know on the floor for no reason.

    • Me, Myself & I

      Yeah, it really makes you question all the times the cops have supposedly seen him from 100-200 yards away, huh?

  • Awaiting approval

    How about you get a gun and next time a freak pulls one on you , you aim one back at them too many zeros trying to be heroes and collect money I’d be feeding them you know what! How about a t-shirt that reads I’m not frein? This guy shouldn’t be getting harassed and should be allowed to walk in peace! If a driver aims a gun at you etc you can get his or her plate number and have them arrested or you can sue them just call 1800winwin1

  • GramRK

    With all this going on up in that area you would think his Employer would be kind enough to either give this poor guy a ride or arrange for another co-worker to do him a favor until this search is over ??? Maybe this guy should write on the back of his reflective vest ” I am NOT Eric Frein !! ” I do give him lots of credit walking the distance especially after midnight in light of this manhunt ! God Speed !

  • Doug F

    He wasnt ambushed by a cop, it was by a random driver. Both the people accusing the PSP of doing it and the guy who did it are all morons.

    • Benny

      Actually, he was ambushed by ATF most likely. Something tells me you live no where near where the manhunt is going on, so keep your stupidity to yourself….

      • Doug F

        Whats stupid is how a grown man who has been walking to work for over a year cant without being harassed by law enforcement or passerby. Last time I checked walking down a road isnt illegal. What is illegal is jumping out of your car, whether police, trooper, ATF, or whatever and harassing a man well within his right to do what he is doing.

    • Franco

      On the WNEP video, he was stopped by a police car with Connecticut plates. Sounds like a federal agency threw him to the ground. Is the PSP even heavily involved anymore, or are federal and out of state police agencies stomping around Canadensis causing all of these problems?

    • Franco

      He has every right to walk wherever he wants, whenever. He shouldn’t have to go out of his way to get to work because he’s experiencing harassment incident #21. Halloween cancelled, school cancelled. If this was happening in my neighborhood I’d come and go as I please or I’d have more lawyers on retainer than OJ at this point. Being asked once about it? No problem. Second time? Ok guys, please let the rest of the team know. 20+ times? That’s called harassment. He’s wearing a high visibility vest and ID around his neck. That’s absolutely disgusting.

    • BZ22

      Maybe he’s too proud to ask and it evident that no kind, generous co-worker has offered to help him out of the goodness of their heart.

  • Canadensis local

    I know this guy and there is no way you could mistake him for Frein. This guy is maybe 5’4 and maybe 120 lbs when wet. Isn’t Frein supposed to be 6’1

    • Lisa

      I am a single mom, no state support, no child support, and moved from PA 2 years ago otherwise would help with a ride or car but cannot… But what I can do is ship to store for a local Walmart and bike. Lights/such may help him. My offer will stand

      • barbara

        GOD BLESS YOU. The state police are pulling in around $2000.00 a week and I never heard any of them offer a slice of bread to the hungry. goes to show you the people with less give more.

  • Marie Stoves

    perhaps he could wear something OTHER than camo? if he needs camo for work maybe he could keep it at work or carry it with him and change at work.
    now that this was shown on the news, I bet the real killer will get himself a bright vest.

  • Geoff Ashley

    The agent of officer who assaulted him should at least apologize for the mistake, but probably doesn’t have the sack to do so.

  • John Rovenolt

    Just today someone in a customer line at Subway here in Hampton, Va. swore I was an old shipmate of his from the Navy. Well, I was in the Navy, but I would have known those people still after 27 years. I recall once when channel surfing I was watching Jerry Springer and some guy stood up in the audience to ask a question and, lo and behold, he was an almost look-alike of him!

  • Batman

    After his is executed on his way to work next of kin will get a sympathy card and a $1000 settlement offer from the state.

  • tlm

    Gotta give him credit for the motivation to walk that far. However, if you’re having to “get on the ground” w/ a gun in your face 20+ times, I believe it’s time to consider taking the bus or car pooling.

    • paul

      right or maybe the cops just stop harassing this guy and violating his rights. It’s unbelievable that some of you look like he’s the assshole in this situation. If any of those things were an option don’t you think he’d be doing it? Or do you think he likes walking 4 hours a day?

    • Roy

      He’s paying child support for two children. He’s doing what he has to do how he has to do it. Leave the Poor Guy alone, people on here without a clue how it might be for others.

    • CS

      your not from the area are you…buses do not run in this area at all! and carpooling , well that would be ideal if there were co workers that lived close by…this is not a city, we are in a rural area.

    • Realist

      Maybe carpooling isn’t a option. Did you or any of the other geniuses commenting about getting a ride from a coworker, ever give that Even a remote thought?!!! I don’t understand the judgments and assumptions you people are making. I can tell you are the ones who have too many luxuries in life, that you obviously take for granted!!

  • Tom Thomas

    10 million a month in PSP operational costs.

    100+ million in pay-outs to citizens after they win all of the many lawsuits this farce is going to generate.

    I bet you this guy settles for at least a million dollars. He’s the smartest one of the bunch. hahahahahaha

    • Lisa

      So Supporting a family and paying bills not sitting at home on disability or suing the pants off the police for injury and harassment opens this man up to harassment? When’s the last time you walked 10 miles at all let alone EVERY DAY to work?

    • Tom Thomas

      Guy may not be the smartest apple that ever fell from the tree Joe but last I checked he was a law-abiding tax-paying citizen of the state of Pennsylvania which is located in the United States of America. More importantly he is a human being.

      • bryan

        Wow…someone is ignorant enough to pick on this guy because he walks to work, and with serious risk at that? It really can’t get much more low than that. This deserves support for making a living for himself the best way he can.

      • bryan

        Wow…someone is ignorant enough to pick on this guy because he walks to work, and with serious risk at that? It really can’t get much more low. This guy deserves support for making a living for himself the best way he can.
        Even if the guy did lose his license for a reason, this is still very commendable.

    • BZ22

      Never happy. If the guy wasn’t working you’d be complaining about that. He is working, walking to get there and you’re finding fault with that!!!

    • Darla

      So what if has dui’s,do you know for sure he does? I don’t.At least he’s not on welfare and is doing something many people would not do and that is walk 5 miles to work.He needs all the help he can get and I for one will donate to the fund site.

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