Area Teen Organizes Concert Against Bullying

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At 15 years old, Helena Albert from Dunmore knows exactly what she wants to do with her musical talents, help people.

Helena says inspiration came after she was one of the 3.2 two million students bullied each year.  It started second grade, forcing Helena to keep changing schools.

"It was mainly because of my hair and I started to get it worse and worse every day," says Albert.

Now, the sophomore at Scranton Prep is on the rebound and ready to rock thanks to her family and friends.

Helena is organizing a concert this Sunday in Scranton with two other artists who faced bullying growing up, leading to depression and other problems.

Helena plans to perform some of her originals including this one that goes, "Every time you feel like giving up. You got to love yourself a lot."

Tough times Helena brought to life from her journals through music with help from her vocal coach Susan Collins.

"Susan Collins, Helena`s voice teacher says, "there is a way to heal from this."

Susan's son, Tucker Murray, will also sing for the cause at Sunday's anti-bullying event called "Love Yourself A Lot". It'll take place at the Scranton Cultural Center from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. and tickets cost $10. Money raised from the event goes to several non-profits dedicated to anti-bullying including a new one Helena is starting up.

"I want to make it clear that no matter what you're going through. It`s okay to ask for help," said Helena.

One of the coolest parts of Sunday's concert, you can sing along!

To learn more about this Sunday’s “Love Yourself A Lot” event at the Scranton Cultural Center, head here.

For more information on the organizer and singer Helena Albert as featured on Newswatch 16, click here.

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