Former Cop Sentenced for Drugs

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HUGHESTOWN -- A former police officer who was distributing oxycodone pills was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison Thursday.

Robert Evans of Moosic was a police officer in Hughestown when he committed the crimes.

In July, Evans pleaded guilty to a drug trafficking offense. He admitted distributing the prescription painkillers numerous times between 2012 and 2013 while he was a police officer.

The feds said he used his position as a cop to facilitate and conceal the drug activity.


  • Awaiting approval

    Steve it’s quite obvious education isn’t a friend of yours either! Thou should’ve stayed or maybe just paid attention in school. Not all cops are like this. Here we have a drop out who was really never a true cop just a ped with a badge

  • Frank S

    Scumbag, I hope they start sweeping through all these police departments and cleaning house! We need more police who actually protect and serve!

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