10-Year-Old Boy Charged with Homicide of 90-Year-Old Woman

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DAMASCUS TOWNSHIP -- State police charged a 10-year-old boy with criminal homicide on Monday.

Troopers told Newswatch 16 the child's mother is the one who told police about what her son had done.  When authorities interviewed him, the boy described how it happened on Saturday.

Police said Tristin Kurilla, 10, of Damascus Township was visiting his grandfather on Saturday at his home on Skylake Road in Tyler Hill.

Investigators said Kurilla went into the room of Helen Novak, 90, and after some kind of dispute, Kurilla punched Novak multiple times in the throat.

The boy's grandfather was a caretaker for Novak, according to police.

According to an affidavit, Kurilla told police Novak yelled at him and he got mad, put a cane around her throat, and punched her numerous times.

An autopsy was performed on Novak on Monday, and her death was ruled a homicide.

The Wayne County District Attorney's office said Kurilla will be charged as an adult.

Kurilla remains in custody at the Wayne County Correctional Facility. No bail has been set.


  • crissy9286

    Hopefully he’ll get the mental health support he needs in prison. I’m sure he’s not just an “evil child.” He has serious mental health issues that need to be addressed.

    • Jesus Christ


      The Religious Right has determined this kid is simply Evil (capital E) and must be dealt with accordingly.

      He’ll be hanged right after the exorcism doesn’t work. (Because science and medication are also Evil.)

    • Zeb

      Those “serious mental issues” needed to be addressed before he beat and killed the old woman, not now in prison… The kid’s life is over..what kind of a life was it after all, not full of morals and sugar plums, that’s for sure. What a surprise, no mention of a father. Let’s say you have a dog that isn’t “friendly”, it breaks loose from it’s chain and kills the neighbor’s pug…or worse, mauls a child riding their bike. Are you not responsible for that dog? If the mother knew the kid had “issues” and did nothing…then it is what it is.

      • Harry Fishnuts

        If you’re going to equate people with dogs then the old woman would have been put down years ago.

        Stop being an idiot. Think.

      • LC

        No mention of a father because the father was not relevant in this news story that you for some reason feel the need to opine about.

        I second, “Stop being an idiot. Think.”

      • stopassmumg@yahoo.com

        So you’ve already come to the conclusion that the father is 100% out of the picture simply because there was no mention of him in this VERY small article????

        You know what they say about people who ASSume…

      • Matt

        Most killers and other prison inmates come from fatherless homes, so it is highly relevant fact to any educated reader’s mind. PC journalists now abandon the ‘5-W’s’ to avoid pointing out inconvenient facts like this.

        Here, the boy and the mother don’t have the same last name, so there is a high likelihood that dad isn’t in the home — another single mother boy-raising success story!

        I think Zeb’s points are well-taken.

      • Of a different mind

        Let me first state I did not read the link above… but in reply to the mother needing to have seek help for him before the incident took place… I myself have experienced outbursts of the such with my own son at the time he was receiving psychological in psychiatric help yet when I told the doctor what was happening looking for help for my daughter or ways to help protect my daughter or some interventions that could be done for my son that doctor promptly informed us that he do not work with children who have aggressive behaviors and dropped us… due to the lack of qualified professionals he was coming in from another county to a clinic to visit the children. so often times the parents might be seeking help but the doctors don’t assist, they either drop the case altogether or start putting your child on all sorts of medicine in the next tmedications that we try , awith my son only made him even more aggressive… I would not necessarily go as far as to say that the child is inherently evil or was born evil, but I would say that if he has actually committed this at to this extent at this age, he is likely where he would end up in the in the long run and unfortunately by the time that system gets done with him if he is released he will be likely to return. So what should and would be said should I find myself in a similar situation at some point in the future, and I had mentioned concerns of the sort about 5 years ago. he’s gone through three different schools while abusing teachers and assistants in those schools, the only person he has in acted out against yet is me in he showed temptation to only… I have stearnly warned him that I will defend myself even against him, and in the defense of his sister and after few tests and trials he’s calm down in the household alot knock on wood so far this year has been good in school as well, but even up until last year it was still many disruptions in class

    • Nics

      Why is he probably not an evil child!?? He sounds and LOOKS pretty evil to me. Not all kids are sweetness and light, and it IS okay to admit that.

  • Lorraine

    Although I find the whole story disturbing I don’t see how they can charge a child as an adult, since he’s no where near an adult in age?. They need that psyc evaluation. Did he torture animals? Was he violent with his siblins, friends..? He he no conscience?


      THEN they should CHARGE the ( 4 ) Jerks that threw the Rock off the overpass that almost killed Mrs. Budman !!!
      They were 17 or Pete “s sake !!!


        Charge the ones out of the for who were 17 AS ADULTS !!!

        They TRULY knew better that rock throwing could cause a catastrophy which it did !!!

        Charge the 17 years olds that almost killed Mrs. Budman as an ADULT

      • Stay away from the Children

        Please…stop jabbering like a lunatic. You are making a fool of yourself. Now, take a deep breath, and count with me. One…Two…Three…Four…Five. There, now don’t you feel a bit better? Okay, where were we? Ah yes…we were stating that children who throw stones from overpasses should also be charged as adults. Well, you make a very good point, and I happen to agree with you. If anyone was charged in that case, they most definitely should have been treated as an adult…ABSOLUTELY. Good job, Mr./Mrs. Disturbing. You may now continue with your crusade for justice. I am sure that the people of NEPA will support your cause…as soon as you can get them to stop banging on their keyboards, and spitting all over their monitors in anger. You have the right idea, Mr./Mrs. Disturbing. I commend you for your courage. You are now on the path of recovery. Please take care of yourself, and try to avoid the sharp instruments while reading the news. You can get better. There are people who care.

      • Al

        I guess it is safe to say all you like to do is come on here and run your mouth without no facts. All four of them are being tried as adults. You make yourself look dumber than you really are.

    • mjazzguitar

      If they charged him as a juvenile then they would have to let him out when he was eighteen and seal his records.

    • Jesus Christ

      Due process dictates that he’s NOT a criminal. He’s only been charged, not convicted.

      Or are we throwing out due process now?

      (And you people are so worried about the government taking rights away from you.)

      • joelvoss

        Actions alone determine criminality or not. Due process determines guilt or not.
        Not throwing out due process, but not throwing out the kid;s taped confession either.

  • Laura

    Well to anyone who says that anyone is a bleeding heart liberal or is a psych. expert, please let me explain some things, as a psych. professional. Yes, there definitely needs to be consequences in this case, however to call him a cold blooded killer before a complete psych evaluation is ridiculous. Also at the age of 10, it is a well proven fact that the human brain does not have the concept of abstract thinking. You can read that in any psych book. So yes, if he was mad and acted out in a aggressive way I am sure that he wanted to hurt her but didn’t know he would kill her. My heart does go out to the family. As for blaming his parents, are you blaming the parents of say Eric Frein? A parent can not for see something like this happening. We don’t have all the details, the parents may have been taking all possible steps to get him help if he was exhibiting these signs of aggression. The school would have definitely been involved if there was a problem. So yes, I agree he should have definite consequences for his actions however it is not unfathomable that he has some sort of mental condition that should not require being institutionalized in a psychiatric facility. Only a complete mental history and evaluation can determine that.
    Characteristics of the Formal Operational Stage:
    The concrete operational stage begins around age seven and continues until approximately age eleven. During this time, children gain a better understanding of mental operations. Children begin thinking logically about concrete events, but have difficulty understanding abstract or hypothetical concepts. They also have difficulty grasping consequences of abstract thinking (Piaget)

    • Marvin

      I don’t think anyone needs a psychology degree to figure out that this kid was not raised properly.
      When I was 10, I certainly knew right from wrong, not that I didn’t misbehave, but I certainly never would do that to another human being. It is simply bad behavior.

      • kathy

        I agree. just wonder how many candies he was fed while playing violent video video games. . ? man do they come out like that…? like its alive..better. … reassess what society is trying to do with kids in the first place. . .posion em early on. .good ole us of a. damcrackery….

    • Fred

      uhhh since when does killing an old lady because you’re mad display a lack of ‘abstract thinking’ ? Sounds like someone is trying to flex their new psychology muscles.

      • laura

        Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I was just trying to say that I think he had a lot of rage and acted out but because of his age he does not have the ability to realize the full extent of his actions. If you add on the problems the mom said he was having, I don’t believe he acted as a cold blooded pre meditated murder. He is sick, no doubt about that, he needs to get some serious help. He doesn’t deserve to be killed or have his parents judged. I quoted Piaget because of a couple of comments I saw that called him a calculated, cold blooded killer. Some people may not hold psychiatry in high regards, but in my twenty years of working with the mentally disabled, I think everything should be tried before giving up on a ten year old. It is a sad, horrible situation, I am not saying set him free. I am saying give the child a chance, even if he is in a psychiatric unit for the rest of his natural life.

    • Marie Ann

      For a “psych professional,” Laura, you have terrible grammar and spelling technique. If you are educated, it sure does not appear that way. Anyone can cut and paste from a diagnostic source. Your comments simply do not suggest you are very knowledgeable or professional.

      • lola441980

        As I said to Fred, I posted that because it made me upset that people are soo quick to judge his parents and to call him a cold blooded killer. Some people seem to think that a ten year old knows the consequences of their actions. Yes, what he did was horrible, but I don’t believe he meant to murder her. I do not need to provide proof of my qualifications. I was responding to the fact that it is not always black and white in child cases. I am entitled to my opinions, as are you. I don’t recall calling you or anyone else rude or calling anyone uneducated, so I would appreciate the same courtesy. I wasn’t taking a grammar test, or writing my thesis, so please take it as it was meant to be, an opinion, at 7am, with three kids arguing in the background. And I swore I would take the high road here, but just for your information, I have been in the field for 20 years, and was at the top of my class with a GPA of 3.89. I never said he should receive consequences, I just don’t feel he should be killed or be in prison.

    • ME2

      I think it’s obvious that there is some pathology here. The sad part is that someone is dead and this kid will likely be out living his life at some point. You’re just as dead regardless if the perp is 10 or 50.

    • kathy

      well what, ever I wouldnt be so dam proud of any profession. .with lobotomies at the stern…with electrified results of maiming people…why are these qyakes charged as murderers? because someone signed a paper…hmm?

    • kathy

      well what, ever I wouldnt be so dam proud of any profession. .with lobotomies at the stern…with electrified results of maiming people…why arent these quakes and murderers charged as murderers? because someone signed a paper…hmm?

    • Tom Jones

      Liberal bleeding heart psych professionals are part of the problem. Blissninnies explaining away all actions and removing personal accountability and responsibility in search of a fantasy nanny-state utopia. These clowns are reason #1 oxygen thieves like Charles Manson enjoy 3 hots and a cot and free medical care on the taxpayer dime. Every time you see recidivist murders from paroled prior murderers, thank Laura and her gaggle for testifying “he has reformed hisself!”

      • Bren

        Blissninnies! Great descriptive word! That is is really apt description for a certain type of person for which I had hitherto not had a specific designation.

      • bbking

        Oh, Mr. Jones, you drama king…no panties for you today! All Laura was stating was that, if the boy has a mental illness, that could’ve been the cause or part of the cause for his actions and he needs to be treated for it. What do you imagine throwing a ten-year-old boy in jail will accomplish when he would likely be paroled in five to ten? Would it not be better to treat the root of the boy’s problem now so that, when he is released, he will be better able to manage whatever the hell is wrong with him? I dunno about you, Mr. Jones, but I wouldn’t want to be around that boy when he is an adult after having been locked away with adult perpetrators for several years in general population. You think he’s a danger now…doing things your way would wind up being a mess of tragic proportions.

    • Ashley

      The scary thing is, he admits he wanted to hurt her, which I totally believe. I do not think he meant to or understood he could actually kill her. But it is very scary knowing he meant to hurt her, as if he thought that was okay to do. That did not just come out of nowhere and I think he had a very troubled life and definitely learned to model his behavior after someone or some people. That means he was on he path to kill sooner or later, whether at 10…..20…25….so horrible!
      It’s also sad knowing his grandfather, who is probably no more than 55…did not get help for immediately when he learned something was wrong and she layer there and suffered until she died…..horrific!!

    • charles

      If you are a psych professional than you likely need mental help yourself. The fact you refer to your text book scares me. Bottom line everyone, it is tragic. This kid doesn’t deserve the death penalty as he is a child. He should go through the judicial system and be punished for his crime. However, just because he did a terribly evil act does not necessarily mean he is reprobate and not redeemable. That is for God to decide.

  • Al

    If he wasn’t being tried as an adult his name or face wouldn’t be on here. Since he is being tried as an adult we get to know.

  • Al

    Being tried as an adult at the age of 10 means what? If I am not mistaken Pennsylvania passed a law here a couple years ago that no juvenile can be given the death sentance nor life without the possibilty of parole. So he goes to a detention center for the next 10 or 11 years and gets out then on parole. We can hope and pray that he gets the help he needs in those 10 or 11 years.

    • Brad Swingle

      They can’t give juveniles life or death anymore, they have to give numbers. The judges can give out what ever sentence they feel necessary. I’ve seen juveniles get 40 to 80 year sentences. More than likely this child will be placed into a state hospital for the rest of his life, that’s the loophole the courts still have the power to use. I bet ADHD, ODD, and Bi-polar play a roll in this.

      • Al

        That’s what I said.He won’t go to a mental hospital. he will go to a detention center and spen 10 years there and get the ehlp that he needs and then be released back into society to get a second chance.

  • Rebecca

    It would be interesting to hear from teachers, classmates, friends, other siblings, family members, neighbors, etc. about this child’s long term behavior patterns. It’s probably not the first time he flew into a rage.

  • OldRN

    Scary that his grandfather was a “caretaker” for this woman. You gotta wonder about a family who produces a kid like this. It may be a fluke or they may all be horrible people. Get him out of circulation for the good of everyone. This is horrible. He has probably been an animal abuser and/or hurting other kids. This is the culmination of other aggressive behavior which has been ignored or poorly controlled. Whether he goes to jail or a psych facility, he needs to be somewhere where the rest of us are safe from him. He is a child, but a sick monster too.

    • MeanMom

      It was at a rest home for the elderly, if you will. A small ‘nursing home’. The assumption it was his grandmother is not accurate in that sense. Not at all.

    • Jim

      You mean Michael Myers…Jason Voorhees drowned when he was young…Michael Myers killed his sister when he was young…

  • MeanMom

    It isn’t as though he accidentally knocked her down and she suffered a head injury. He punched her repeatedly. He used a cane, against her neck, to suffocate her. She died after persistent blows to her neck which restricted airflow and blood supply. 10? I don’t care. knocking her down…. or hitting her once would warrant mental health intervention. malicious cold-blooded murder of a 90 year old woman…. the boy is in jail where he belongs.

  • Moeika

    You people crying about him being tried as an adult really don’t understand the concept of taking a human life. If he attacked someone with thorough intent to do harm (which he clearly did), he deserves all the punishment he can get.

  • Judy Fox

    This child did a horrendous crime with out a doubt and my thoughts and prayer are with the family. But in moving forward this child should under go psychological testing to see if he clearly has a normal cognitive ability and he completely understands what he has done or whether he may be suffering from a mental health disorder. I would like to see those results before saying how the child should be trialed whether as adult or a juvenile. However I do question this young child being held at Wayne County Correctional Facility I hope they have him under protective custody. I believe this child should be put in a juvenile delinquent facility until the age of 18 then moved to a prison system. If he has mental health disorders then place him in a state medical mental health unit. But I do believe the child should be held accountable for his actions but I believe these steps should be taken before moving forward on what type of placement the child should be in or whether he should be trialed as adult or juvenile in moving forward.

  • free press

    he is a ten year old .what were you doing when you were ten .he didn’t understand what he was doing.he should be punished but not as an adult .he needs mental help .when i was ten i burned someones house down and now i am 36 and a productive citizen with my own business and i do a lot of volunteer work.point is dont help rich prison owners get rich by locking people up for bullshit reason’s help people that do wrong so they can do right .

    • Al

      I don’t know what makes me dumber. Me reading your post and actually trying to understand your logic, or me replying to your post. I am going to have to sit back and take a long hard look at this and come up with some sort of answer for my own self.

    • kathryn

      You’re an active citizen yet you don’t know how to write a paragraph/type and don’t know the value of a human life.

  • dallas

    The article doesnt mention what kind of medication he was on? I’m sure the Ritalin or Adderal they feed all the children these days doesn’t have any effect.

    • Rickover

      I saw another press report that stated police found items in the home indicating the boy had mental health problems – translation: psychiatric drugs.
      If the boy was not insane before the drugs he sure is now.

  • Monica

    I love the way people freely throw around psychological labels like they know what they’re talking about. I was unaware of the surprising amount of professionally trained mental health workers and academics that have graciously offered their opinions on the matter.

    • Stay away from the Children

      Also, have yourself a goatse of a day! Yay! I think you would enjoy that. It’s quite exotic, and you could probably use a vacation. Hugs and Kisses. :-)

    • joelvoss

      Read the “side” effects of the psychiatric drugs the “professionals” and “experts” give kids. Get the pdf’s from the manufacture’s website, the ones they are required by law to issue, not the watered down versions the “professionals” and “experts” splatter on the web. The effects of these drugs include psychosis & agitation.

      • true_archer

        Thank God there are a few of us who actually think there is something wrong with the whole psych med epidemic and actually read about the stuff before putting into our bodies or our kids’ bodies! Never!

    • true_archer

      You don’t have to be an “expert” to know ALL the labels, they’ve only been throwing them around for the last 20 years doping kids on stimulants and AD’s as young as 3 diagnosing kids SO young with ADHD, calling 3 yr old’s bi-polar; it’s absurd, never mind whole families that are taking this garbage! Some people actually look into finding things out for themselves than following all the lemmings over a cliff. I have much respect for psychologist because they don’t peddle the poison they actually try and help people help themselves thru cognitive reconstruction.

  • Amanda

    He’s a ten year old boy. They shouldn’t be charging him as an adult. An adult is 18 not 10. He needs mental help not jail

    • KaitaraCan

      I don’t believe you bleeding heart libs. You look at the value of this woman’s life based on her age, and think, aww her life is over, it doesn’t have any worth like MINE would have or someone that I love has. And this kid, 10 years old, should be given a pass… ?

      This is MURDER! You people act like he stole the little girl’s lollipop at lunch. THIS is what makes kids criminals in the first place. They do not have to take ANY responsibility for ANYTHING they do. 10 is sufficient age to know right from wrong. If he was 5 and kicked her and she fell, that’s something completely different. HE MEANT to hurt her. he said so, he was mad.

      And if you are so DELUDED to think that this child didn’t know what he was doing. Let him come watch your 6 month old baby. This child’s parents should refrain from reproducing, because it’s them and people like you bleeding heart libs that are filling the prisons today with children who have no accountability for their actions.

      Who knows, STEVEN & SQUIGMON the next time he murders someone it will be someone in your family, and you can take up a collection for the child, and bring the poor waif into your home among your young and elderly.

      This child is going to end up just like one of the many hundreds of thousands of children who die in the streets or in prison, if it’s not stopped now. I hope you never have to face a kid or anyone murdering YOUR loved one, then walking home with mommy and daddy and live happily ever after.

      Believe what you want, karma is a &^%$#, when it happens to you all, don’t get on the internet crying about it.

      • justin

        What is your malfunction? Just because someone has the common sense to say there should be a psych evaluation done on this child does not mean they are a “bleeding heart lib”. This kid could have any one of many mental health issues, as well as a combination of them. Let’s ease up on the condemnation before we’re given any information on this kid at all. I’m not liberal by any stretch of the imagination, but I am able to think. I can see that this kid is dangerous, but I have to wonder why. Is he just a psycho violent devil child, or could he have dissociative identity disorder, major bipolar disorder, or anti-social personality disorder? You’re angry because an innocent person was killed. It’s right to be angry because of that, but you also have to consider that this kid may have very deep and disturbing mental problems. Whether or not he does, let justice be served in the most appropriate way.

      • Brad

        When I was 10 they didn’t have video games with graphic violence, today the vids these kids play are horrible, blood, guts, and carnage. I’m sure his intent wasn’t to kill her but, he did and will have to pay the piper now.

      • Monica

        Kaitaracan- i’m a bleeding heart Lib and I agree with charging him as an adult. I’m not entirely sure what a person’s political preference has to with anything. Or maybe it’s just when someone doesn’t agree with you that they “mus b wun dem liberalz”. I agree with everything you’re saying and I am extremely liberal. Liberals are allowed to believe whatever they want.

  • Christine

    Kids these days do know the gravity of the situation. (Kids know cause and effect at…5. It’s in human development courses.) And if anyone thinks he doesn’t know..hello? He beat someone to death! He didn’t stop! And I hope he rots in prison. Not for nothing I don’t want this kid around my children, when he grows up. Hell. No. No way. If he’s capable of this at 10 what is he going to do when he’s older? And I don’t want to hear ADHD, etc. I don’t.

    • JayHobeSound

      Penn. is remiss in not having a juvenile statutes covering the range of homicides. There is no way a 10 yr old has the mental capacity to comprehend the totality or consequences of his actions. What kind of mental defect does the boy have? What kind of violence has he been exposed to? It is unlikely this was his first violent outburst. One might even wonder if the boy was coerced into making the admission?

  • Steven

    Anyone that thinks this child genuinely understood the gravity of his actions as they occurred is obviously deluded. This child doesn’t deserve to be face sentencing as an adult for the simple fact that he isn’t an adult, anyone who thinks this child is beyond rehabilitation should probably refrain from reproduction.

    • squigmon

      He’s barely half the age of an adult! Agreed! What he did is inexcusable and should be punished but as an adult??

    • carlea

      OMG Mark I hope you aren’t serious. Are you saying the life of the state trooper is any more valuable then a 90 year old woman? They have been searching for the cop killer for a month now. Do you think that if the victim wasn’t a cop the search would have gone on this long? This 10 year old kid did the same thing as the cop killer…..he took a life. Just like the state trooper, this woman was someone’s family, she was a human being. Her life is of no less value than that of the trooper. He may only be 10 years old but he too is a murderer.

      • Jesus Christ

        The next time you hear someone breaking into your house in the middle of the night, rather than calling 911 I want you to call the nearest bed-ridden, 90-year-old woman and ask her for help. If you’re lucky, SHE’LL call 911 for you. (Unless she yells at you for waking her and hangs up on you, of course. Those old ladies can be cranky.)

      • carlea

        So you are justifying the actions of the kid because old people CAN be cranky? Her life is no less valuable than that of the trooper. They were both human beings. If that 90 year old woman were your grandmother you would not be talking the way you are. Just because she can’t protect someone’s home if they are being robbed or whatever doesn’t make her any less valuable. If someone killed a member of your family you would want them caught and prosecuted. Now if that killer disappeared and the cops gave up searching you would be ok with that right?

  • squigmon

    I could not believe the headline. A ten year old??!! Obviously needs to face judicial system and punishment but not tried as an adult. I’m sure its probably his first crime, albeit a felony murder, he should be given a chance at rehabilitation. I have 9 year old. I’m just shocked.

  • Don Morris

    Charged as an adult ? This is ridiculous. It is a horrible situation and there is no reason it should of happened but to charge him as an adult is wrong. He is ten, albeit a ten year old killer, but he would be amenable to treatment in the juvenile system. He took a life and should be punished but not in the adult system. Let’s hope this DA does the right thing and moves this to the proper venue and see that this child gets the help he needs. A crazy world we live in and this just adds to it.

    • Joe

      The age of reason is7. Around that age kids typically know right from wrong. He should be charged as an adult and never be given the light of day again. If he got mad because she said something to him, all the help in the world won’t help him. There have been some cases where kids under 18 have been charged with murder. There was a case in PA not long ago where a kid killed his fathers girlfriend and he was roughly 12 years old. He will be segregated from other adults until he is one. If justice where to go back to the old ways eye for eye with punishment being swift, severe, and certain we would not have as much of this crime we see today. The only reason it never will is because there are too many bleeding hearts out there for people who commit these crimes. Yes, I do understand that sometimes an innocent person does get convicted of crime, but the crimes for which I say should be instant death are violent crime cases such as this, where you know the person is guilty.

    • true_archer

      Could be psych meds run-amok too, for those who don’t know; ADHD drugs are all stimulants, aka, speed, oft mixed with Ad’s…quite the cocktail. No one ever reads the side effects of this stuff.

      • true_archer

        @Bren, you just might be right, however, the meds that are “supposed” to help troubled kids more often than not just push them over the edge..I find it hard to wrap myself around that a 10 year old can choose to be evil at that point, however, I have seen it in some children. I volunteered working with kids for about 20 yrs; and yes, some of them are just bad!

    • Kat

      I agree Dexter. I keep saying the same thing. Parents need to be held responsible for the actions of their children. Then we may see change.
      This child needs to be taught a life changing lesson or he will keep going down the wrong road.

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