Gearing up for Winter in Nanticoke

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NANTICOKE -- As the temperature starts to drop people start thinking about getting ready for winter. Some places across the state are already seeing low supplies of rock salt and high prices.

Tires spinning, cars sliding, and lots of shoveling, that was the scene in Nanticoke during a snow storm eight months ago.

That community and many others across northeastern and central Pennsylvania nearly ran out of rock and road salt last winter.

"We're expecting the worst. I'd rather be prepared than not be prepared because then if you don't have the salt order in, it becomes an issue to try to get it," said Nanticoke DPW director Wally Pavelitz.

The city of Nanticoke already has 100 tons of salt. It was the first of four deliveries expected. Workers hope that they won't have to order any extra, like they had to last winter.

Pavelitz said a ton of rock salt costs about $61. That's up $3 from last year.

Some places in western Pennsylvania are reporting steep price hikes for rock salt.

Pavelitz said he and other community leaders got their salt orders in early hoping to avoid a possible shortage.

"It comes so fast and every individual storm is different. You never know what to expect, so you got to be prepared for the unexpected."

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