Woman Recovering After Crash, Disappearance

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DENNISON TOWNSHIP -- A woman in Luzerne County is recovering after a nasty bicycle crash that left her stranded in the woods for 48 hours.

Hundreds of people joined in the search for Karen Andrews last Friday. Now, she's home recovering from a concussion.

Her husband says he's grateful for all of the people who helped track her down.

Search crews had K9s sniffing for a trail and volunteers showed the missing person's picture to drivers.

That was the alarming response Carl Andrews saw Friday after he told police that his wife vanished during a bicycle ride by their home near White Haven.

"Obviously, we were devastated but it was remarkable how everyone came together."

Karen Andrews disappeared Thursday afternoon. The search started on Friday and intensified over the weekend as concerns grew about what happened to the loving mother who worked from home.

"She tried to do trails which she has never done before and had an accident, hit her head, and had some injuries that left her disoriented and she just couldn't find her way out," Andrews said.

Andrews says it was only his wife's third time trying to ride a bicycle along Peat Moss Road. She ended up spending 48 hours in the woods.

"We're just extremely grateful for everything they did. They put miles and miles in out in the woods and the swamps. There's lot of swamps out here. It was just incredible and they didn't give up."

Andrews says his wife is now home from the hospital, recovering from a concussion and that Karen likely won't bike through the woods anytime soon.

"I know she's going to wear a helmet from now on. The kids were all over her with that. But I think we might stick to the roads from now on."

Andrews tells us he was concerned about getting help with the search during the same time as the manhunt for Eric Frein, but he said the response was quick and he is glad Karen is back home.

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