Search For Eric Frein Shifts

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BARRETT TOWNSHIP -- Monday was another day in the woods as state police searched for suspected killer Eric Frein. He has eluded authorities for more than two weeks.

Today, the search shifted back toward the Canadensis area.

We're now into the third week of the ongoing search for Frein.

Last week, troopers said they were zeroing in on a five-square-mile area near the intersections of Route 447 and Snow Hill Road near Canadensis.

On Monday, that focus appears to have shifted a bit northwest as search crews gathered at the old Barrett Elementary school off Route 390.

Late Monday morning, troopers donning protective vests moved in on a vacant Pocono resort at the border of Canadensis and Mountainhome.

Some hid watching closely, while other SWAT crews, K9s, and search crews checked several old cabins hidden behind the brush.

Wilfredo Martis of Mountainhome lives just a few miles away and says this search felt different.

"A lot of helicopter activity, you see a lot of troopers out on the road and they look like they're really determined to catch this person," Martis said.

Crews in camouflage patrolled near Snow Hill Road and Route 447 on foot, combing areas near where local and national media have been set up for weeks.

The vast majority of force could be seen at Barrett Elementary off Route 390.

Annette Parker of Mountainhome watched it all from her back porch, with helicopters passing right over her roof.

"It feels a little bit like a war zone although I've never been in one, but when you hear the helicopters and you see people with ammunition," Parker said.

Throughout the afternoon, more search teams gathered at the closed elementary school.

U.S. customs and border patrol aided the search from the air.

Crews spread out and searched the woods on foot with at least two K9s by their side.

Residents say they appreciate knowing the search efforts haven't let up.

"They're doing their job. It's not like I like what's going on, but they are doing a job for us."

Other troopers lined Route 447 watching the back side of the mountain.

Robin Hill of New York stopped to watch on her way home from a Pocono vacation.

"You can feel the fear and you can hear people whispering rather than talking about it. So yeah, it definitely has a very heavy feeling," Hill said.

State police again had no updates on the search.

Throughout these three weeks, those involved in this intensive manhunt have done so relatively unharmed, but Newswatch 16 learned that a state trooper car was involved in a crash on Route 447 near the search area.

A photo was sent to us by a viewer.


At this time, no information is being released. We do not know if anyone was injured or if any other vehicles were involved.


  • Peter C.

    They need to stop fooling around an get together as many people (police, dog catchers, toll booth collector’s, highway const. flaggers, pizza delivery guys, the guy who spins advertising placards along the highway….especial THAT guy…put him out front!) and do a good ole fashioned “Deer Drive” shoulder to shoulder and flush him OUT.

  • mdog

    Pennsylvania State Police ambush suspect Eric Frein was jailed for 109 days in the Schuyler County Jail for stealing WWII memorabilia.

  • mdog

    Well, well, well, the wheres waldo fan club are here spattin hate all over the place.
    i bet they all have bent nose jobs.

  • Peter C.

    Trooper swerved to avoid hitting a chupacabra probably. I will say this, more then 3 weeks then SOMEONE has to be helping him out with supplies…FBI needs to start tailing people…

    • Col. Trautman

      One dead man and one injured man does not warrant this expensive domestic military training exercise. Like many gun homicides the individuals involved knew each other. No need for this level of fear.

  • Mark

    They need to shift their search to Vermont or Ohio or something. He’s not in the Poconos. They have been wasting their time looking in Monroe County for 2 weeks now. Get the military involved already.

  • John Smith

    I know there doing there best but they need to think about goin to point A to point B and what maybe in the way there. An innocent bystander, school bus, etc. keep searching but also slow down a little

  • mike


  • John Smith

    Another cruiser smashed. Maybe if they slowed down when going somewhere this wouldn’t happen. How come out of all the cops some speed to the scene while others are still on the scene it doesn’t make sense for back up to speed there when a crew is already there. The other day a cop pulled out in front of me as he rolled through a stop sign. No lights no nothing….WTF!!

  • Dittohead

    If I remember right they said he was planning this for months so maybe he built an underground bunker that is packed with food and water and will stay there for months laughing…

    • Mark

      Or stashed a car months ago and took off right after he gunned down the police in Pike county. He could be ANYWHERE right now. I doubt he’s in Monroe County.

    • Awaiting moderation

      Be careful with questions like that! You will appear to be a free thinker and your comment will be deleted.

    • Native

      CBP. Helicopters are outfitted with FLIR radar. That penetrates the canopy and decently into the ground. I’ve found bodies hurried in the sand . This radar differentiates between temps both colder Nd hotter than the surrounding area. These H 60 helicopters can stay aloft longer.

  • Sharon Siegel

    I have to say, I just find it unbelievable that people can sit home in the safety and comfort of their homes making these crude and terrible remarks while others are out putting their lives on the line every second that they hunt for this lunatic in order to bring about justice and safety for others. Try walking those desolate dark woods with just the degree of protection to your body provided by a bullet proof vest, and not considering a marksman aim or possible explosives. I bet you’d have a new understanding of what they are going through, and I’m pretty sure not choosing to hang out there in their daily work life if not for their pledge to public safety.

  • Min Logan

    The police need to back off. Too much testosterone flowing. He will come out. He is not interested in everyday citizens. Police leave he will appear somewhere.

    • Native

      CBP. Helicopters are outfitted with FLIR radar. That penetrates the canopy and decently into the ground. I’ve found bodies hurried in the sand . This radar differentiates between temps both colder Nd hotter than the surrounding area. These H 60 helicopters can stay aloft longer.

    • Native

      Instead of trolling and complaining or calling them wannabe seals you should be thanking them if not for your your safety but for making sure your welfare check arrive safely in your mailbox POS

      • scarolina

        They are doing me a favor ??? Hmm? I wonder how many of these guys are volunteering their time to find this suspect . When the taxpayers are paying this they are not doing anyone a favor but only one person.

      • true_archer

        It’s all good Native, the anarchists have their own Kool-Aid. And just because some of us try and have some respect for authority doesn’t mean we have respect for them ALL the time. I would take my chances with the PSP over some clown like frein anyday! I don’t drink anybody’s Kool-Aid anyway, I make lemonade!

      • Terry

        There taxes pay for all your food stamps. Reading all your anti PSP comments makes me wish all your idiots would dress like Frien and take a long walk into the woods. A few less morons in the world would be nice.

      • Tom

        So now it’s a police state if you get pulled over for speeding? Really? How about you obey the freaking law. Then you have nothing to worry about. If you don’t like a law, do something to get it legally changed. Otherwise, get off your civil disobedience high horse and lay off the men and women who pin on a badge everyday to protect and serve. Even “citizens” like you.

  • Felicia M. Winchell

    Uhh..when theres an accused killer on the loose, who carea if they have a warrant or not? The places they are entering are vacant anyway…

    • Shredder

      A lot of people care if they have a warrant or not, they can’t throw people’s rights out the window because a killer is out there!

    • Canon MX

      To that individual that said ‘who cares if they have a warrant or not’, please pack you bags and leave this country! You have no concept and no respect for this nations laws nor the Service men and women that fought to protects those rights. Please, get out, leave asap, I will pay for your plane ticket, one way.

    • Nicole

      When the FBI announced that they put Eric on the Most Wanted list during a conference they also stated they did NOT need a warrant to search homes and property.

  • HJB5000

    Time to call in the crew from Finding Bigfoot…they have an extensive track record for finding evidence of imaginary creatures.

  • K

    What a clown show. If they were really doing it because it was one of their brothers I would hope every single one of them is sending the overtime pay to the families

  • Juan Motime

    It really baffles me how some of you people can insult, demean and talk down about the law enforcement officers trying to find this guy. Perhaps you can do a better job….after you take spelling and grammar lessons.

    • isupportPSP

      Because the guy at Sherman Hills was a drug dealing thug/ slug. The officers life IS way more important as he is a better civilian in the community.

    • Andrea

      Cop killers have nothing to lose. If you are brazen enough to kill a police officer and attempt to kill another at the same time, you do not care who you are hurting. Citizens, children elderly….the list goes on as to who this guy can and will kill if they get in his way. I don’t understand you people and the nonsense about if this was just a civilian killed. It wasnt, it was an officer of the law that was ambushed for no apparent reason other than the fact that Frein hates cops. So as far as I’m concerned, he doesn’t value anyone’s life which in turn means no one is safe.

    • bill

      betty boop….really ????? other car ???? he plowed right into the rocks and leaves, as is evident at the left front wheel. a five year old could have figured that out. he was just in a hurry to get nowhere fast. and he did.

  • Dawn

    People need to thank the PSP. If they think they can do a better job in 24 hours, let them. I bet they won’t be able to. I believe he is still in that area.thank you PSP

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