Residents Hoping Police Are Closer to Finding Frein

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BARRETT TOWNSHIP -- It`s now the third week of the search for suspected cop killer Eric Matthew Frein.

"They keep saying they have him cornered so I hope they get him," said Denise Soehngen of East Stroudsburg.

State police have shifted their search along Route 390 in the Mountainhome area of Monroe County.

"I`m hoping that this change means he`s actually going to be found," said Darlene Fylstra of Barrett Township.

Law enforcement searched an area near the closed Barrett Township Elementary School, vacant buildings, and an old resort in the area.

"I hope they find the guy because it`s been long enough. First of all, he`s got all the caves in the woods and all these holes in the woods," said Teresa Demontreux of Barrett Township.

"I`m wondering if they even know where he is because it`s been so long, you know? It`s been two and a half weeks," said Jennifer Drescher of Barrett Township.

Troopers lined up along Route 390 in Barrett Township with their eyes and weapons trained on the woods.

"God bless them. They have to be getting worn down and you know, we`re all behind them and hopefully it will end soon. We`re all behind them," said Steve Mullet of Gouldsboro.


    • George Nelson

      Personally I’m starting to think you’re the shooter, after all you are the one posting comment after comment trying to gin up the idea that Eric Frein is a career criminal. Exactly where were you the night of the ambush. I’ll bet you have access to a 308 rifle.

  • Cousin Eddy

    What a joke. Honestly, I tip my hat to Eric. Not because of what he allegedly did, but because one guy with almost no professional training and extremely limited resources (from what we know) has managed to evade the largest manhunt is state history! The use of dogs, thermal and night vision technology not to mention 100’s of officers…..and nothing but a bunch of dead ends. Apparently, be it one man or a giant plane full of people (flight MH370) remaining out of sight and undetected isn’t as tough as one might think. To make it even better, a few days ago a picture was posted of a large armored special purpose vehicle called a Rook. It’s basically a small loader, like a Bobcat that’s been specially equipped and costs $250k + Our tax dollars, hard at work and the state has 2 of those that I know of and they should pay dividends in searching several square miles of dense woods for a person!

    • Nick Papagiorgio

      That Rook would be a joke in a dense forest. It would take too long to drop a tree and move the tree out of the way. They should get a hydro-axe or timberjack retrofitted with the armor that can cut paths and place the trees off to the side.

      • Cary Wilson.

        What the police could really use is to cozy up to the idea that Frein is no longer in the area and they are wasting taxpayer money chasing ghosts.

  • stickhead

    Hell some of the residents interviewed look like they just crawled out of caves themselves, not to hard to pretend they are viet cong and just carpet bomb the area already.

  • mdog

    This is why thou shalt not steal, you serve 109 days in prison
    then you crack up become a bad person.Don’t be a thief in the first place.

  • Catch the SOBAlready

    The PSP and FBI have done all they could. It’s time to call in the Army, specifically a sniper who has the ability and accuracy to shoot from a distance. Shoot to injure not to kill and follow the blood trail. The injury would slow him down or incapacitate him altogether. It is now becoming a drain on taxpayers money the way they are doing it now. Time to call in the big guns.

  • not sure

    I think they should spend more time at the swamp where they found the car, possibly he’s dead in the swamp. i would dredge it if i could get back there and i had the equipment. then instead of them wasting taxpayers money they could look foir the real killer.. funny how no else has been injured with all these police roaming around and him with a rifle and scope he could pick off anyone at anytime but he hasn’t. Sure think they are looking for Wrong guy..

  • Jj1121

    How about the black Muslim that beheaded a white lady in ok. Why don’t we put 1000 boots on the ground and round em up.

  • mdog

    Schizophrenic frien thinks he is now Super Waldo.
    He has mind melded into the cereal box back cover.
    Diaper Caped frien crawls like a worm in mud to his foolish end.

  • Tom McElroy

    I can’t wait for the next “we’re closing in on him” press conference. It would be helpful if they have these press conferences revision numbers.

  • Awaiting moderation

    Final thought for the morning: I find it unbelievable how much money is being spent to find one man, when no one murder is anymore horrendous than the next.

    • steve

      Agree. How about any videos from that night? Did any officer fire back? Were the shots aimed for kill? Which officer was hit first? How many missed the officer. This would tell us if he was just sending hot lead or was aiming to kill.

  • The Reverend

    A former Green Beret I know expressed the opinion the Frein will never be found. Knowing he is an expert, I believe him. Perhaps Eric Frein was long dead before the actual killer did his work. Or perhaps Eric Frein is not what the State Police have been telling us he is. Either way, they will not find him. This is becoming apparent.

    • The Reverend

      Also, why did the killer choose Friday night? Friday night is when all the traffic flows INTO the Poconos. Eric Frein would know this living there. Would he plan an escape on a Friday night? Why not Sunday night when all the traffic flow is OUT OF the Poconos?

      • PAneedsjustice

        With more traffic in the area it would probably make it more difficult for police to maneuver through the streets. Looks like his plan is set up for every second counts.

  • Fratboy

    Agree with yokel. He did not police his shells, leaves convenient clues and remains unseen for three weeks. Look for a pile of leaves in the woods, and search for more fingerprints in his home, car, where he supposedly has been. Betcha, Frein is dead and his killer is the real shooter.

  • Don

    I imagine that the state police are being extra careful in their search because this guy still has the .308 rifle with him and god only knows how much ammo for it. He has the high ground and the 308 will hit it’s mark 2 plus miles away.

  • Dorothy Gist

    I am thankful for all of the PSP searching for this nut case, but lets get him. I’m ready to help search. I am worried about all of the PSP safety because god only knows what he has up his sleave. My thought on it was all the traps he could have set. Be safe everyone and god bless.

  • K

    Make sure they donate their overtime checks to the families of the killed/injured troopers. I mean they are doing it for their brother so they do not need the overtime

    • Tom

      I personally know two troopers out of Dunmore who volunteered their time and we’re told no. In order to fully function and be covered in the event of tragedy they have to be appropriately on the clock. So my question is, if Trooper Douglas was just arriving for his shift, had not yet entered the building, and was shot at 10:50PM, is he covered?

  • Yokel

    Kind of fishy with the leaving of his ss card and dl. I am starting to wonder if he was a patsie killed by a compatriot.

    Just seems really strange… Unless he is 100% gone.

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