Police Officer Suspected of DUI After ATV Wreck

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UPDATE -- State police said Tuesday the two officers are on sick leave and will remain on leave during the investigation.

EDWARDSVILLE -- State police in Luzerne County are investigating a crash involving two ATV's that sent one off-duty police officer to the hospital and a second off-duty police officer into custody on suspicions of DUI.

State police said it was at the intersection of Zerby Avenue and High Street that two men crashed their ATV`s in Edwardsville.

Police say the men were riding on Zerby Avenue around 1:30 a.m. Monday when Jonathan Karasinski, 35, of Exeter flipped over.

Investigators said the man riding with him, John Sosnoski, 24, of Ashley, swerved to avoid him but ended up striking a tree.

Neighbor Lois Koval heard the ATV's come down her street.

“It didn`t seem to be going very fast and then the next thing that I heard was the crunching of the metal,” said Koval. “I turned on my porch light. I came out and I could see, I don`t know if it the tree, if it hit a car because I saw a car over here it was black.”

State police said Karasinski was taken to Geisinger Medical Center for his injuries. Police said Sosnoski showed signs of being under the influence and was taken into custody.

The Kingston police chief confirmed the two men are police officers in his department, but said they were not on duty at the time.

Still, people here say as police officers the men should have thought about what they were doing.

"Be held to a little bit of a higher standard because the kids especially. If they see a policeman doing something, I think they`re going to say, 'Well, if he can do it so can I,'" said Mike Gagliardi of Hanover Township.

“What does that tell the kids?” asked Marie McTague of Plymouth. “Then they get in trouble for something and they`re like, 'Well we can do it, they can do it.' So what does that say to the kids?”

The police chief would not comment on either of the men’s employment status and the mayor of Kingston said this investigation is still in the hands of state police.

“I`m sure these guys aren't bad. They probably just had a bad moment like we all sometimes do,” said Gagliardi.


  • wasp36

    Seriously! Was blood taken from Jonathan Karasinski to see if he was under the influence? What’s wrong with all of you to be so ignorant to the fact this individual clearly could have been under the influence and PSP is maybe letting this individual get away with DUI because of his injuries.? Wake Up!

  • paulcrissman50

    DCNR has laws for ATVs in PA that most people do not abide by. Roads must be marked “ATV Road” in order to ride on roads. A person cannot ride on private property, without owners permission.

  • Your_Fault

    Let’s do a little cop/general public ratio on DUIs… How many people were busted for DUIs by cops… vs how many cops have gotten DUIs. I’d love to see those results.

  • Frank Rizzo

    These guys were racing up and down Zerby all weekend…. They almost hit me twice, driving the ATV right on the sidewalk. Someone must have got a new toy.

    • Your_Fault

      So then why didn’t you tell someone instead of complaining about it online after the fact? Typical NEPA… always complaining, never acting.

      • Frank Rizzo

        A cop flagged them down earlier in the weekend, but now I know why they didn’t get in trouble. Even at 11pm that night, they were starting at one end of Zerby and racing down the street.

      • Dexter Morgan

        By law, an officer cannot chase an ATV. Literally, the ATV can race back and fourth in front of them and all the cops can do is barricade and flag down.

    • Mark

      Seems you’d be a bit more tolerant of bad life decisions since obviously you’ve made several of your own if you live in Edwardsville…

    • Jethro

      How many bottles did you drink while sitting out on your STOOP? That’s what you do in Edwardsville right? Sit on the stoop…

      • David

        That is funny as hell and so 100% true the only thing you left of is the buying and selling of DRUG’s. Those cops were probably over there either buying some drugs or collecting there pay off money from the dealers.

  • LittleWhinyPants

    Cops in the Wyoming Valley do whatever they want even when they are on duty. I’ve seen Kingston Police Officers fly through stop signs, on the phone and texting while driving their cruiser but pull people over for the same thing.

    • DanielP570

      Really? I’ve lived in Kingston all my life and have never seen that. I see them on patrol constantly and I know when I’ve had to call them, they’re there immediately.

    • Eric Geist

      On the phone, texting AND flying through stop signs? Man that is pretty impressive considering how small Kingston streets are.

    • Eric Geist

      “It’s been reported” although he doesn’t say HE called to report it. Just something he heard…. around town… from the druggies.

  • Linda W

    This is a shame. I hope Officer Karasinski is ok. He has really helped my family out over the several years we’ve lived in Kingston when we had our problems with neighbors and their (sometimes very scary) domestic disputes. My family is thinking of you and praying for your recovery.

    • David

      I want to see that piece of trash prosicuted to the fullest extent of the law because he was breaking the law driving that ATV on public streets and endangering the lives of the public. Additionally he should be tested for drinking almost 100% chance he was dunk as well, I have seen him where he looks drunk or hung over while on duty. He also should be fired immediatly we no not need thee guys wasting or tax money like this.

      • Jake

        I want to see bikini models parade in the streets, but I am not going to do much about it.

        What will you actually do to get what you want?

      • Linda W

        Well clearly you have some personal issues with the officers that should’ve been addressed. I really hope you are not a police officer as I certainly would not feel comfortable having you work in my town.

  • Chase

    I get harrased by these same two guys when they are on duty all the time riding my atv but they are driving on the street and nothing about that is even said. So sick and tired of the police going out doing the same things they bust people for doing and nothing ever happens to them.

    • David

      I agree with you 100% the problem is people like you and I need to get together and make sure they re prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I am 100% willing to do so but no one ever wants to look bad and tell the truth and say it like it is. This is a simple case they were breaking the law, and need to pay like anyone else and should be fired based on public appearance alone.

      • Ronald

        What is the big deal? As I posted earlier, sometimes I ride my atv on the road and sometimes the cops tell me to stop/go home. The only reason this is “news” is because they crashed.

  • Amanda Hamilton

    How about all you people sitting there criticizing these cops stop thinking about the law, and how cops get away with everything, and think about the guy thats in the hospital! The guy is personally close to me! Cops are human too. Yeah they seem to get away with stuff that they shouldnt, but people make mistakes! We are only human! Holy crap people.

    • David

      Cops do not treat anyone like they are human that always act like they are better than everyone else and they need to be made an example of and prosecuted and fire. They were probably over in that area doing something illegal like buying or selling drugs or collecting a pay off from the local drug dealers.

      • Steve

        I think they were in that area riding atvs. I fail to see the link between riding atvs and buying and selling drugs. I cut through edwardsville on my atv to get to the woods by Kirby, does that make me a drug dealer now?

      • Jethro

        You said that already. It wasn’t very intelligent the first time. You can’t be taken seriously by attempting to generalize all police officers this way. I also have to point out that I’ve read several of your comments and your grammar and punctuation are horrendous. Perhaps if you received a decent education, you wouldn’t be in trouble with the law.

  • RogerSmith

    Cops get away with anything. Look at the scranton cop that got into a drunken altercation with his friends outside the V Spot. He got suspended and was paid all back pay when they brought him back. We’ve got some trash protecting the city. Guess that’s why I see drug deals going down on my street every day.

      • RogerSmith

        Across from Brownie’s Pizza in west scrsnton is a dirty little black/hispanic run corner “barber shop”. They have guys out front all day texting, runners to deliver the drugs to pull up customers, have mercedes & lexus’ with plates from ny/nj/texas always parked out front, and are open most nights till midnight or later. This has been going on for years now with the cops doing nothing.

    • true_archer

      There have been a few stories lately about law enforcement officers being cited and punished for wrong-doing. There far more people caught in wrong doing and getting a slap on the wrist. People are people, badge or not. The reason there are more people getting caught than police is because there are more “average” citizens than there are cops. There are rogue cops everywhere, but FAR more rogue people everywhere! I would trade ten drunk cops in for one dirt-drug-dealer any day!

      • RogerSmith

        There was a recent instance where a group of cops had been chasing a group of black teens with baseball bats that had been chasing another unarmed group of hispanic teens and the cops caught them at the baseball fields at the end of our street. We, a group of neighbors, went over and spoke to an officer after the ruckus was over. He wasn’t the least bit interested in hearing our complaints. For years we’ve (again us and our neighbors) have spoken to the police but nothing ever gets done. It’s useless.

  • Roger

    I can’t say I’ve never drove drunk, but it goes to show that the police are human too. Human until they are replaced by literal law enforcing robots.

    Please keep the robots from taking over and remember these guys are human.

    • Gary

      He seems like the type of guy that if kids were playing by his yard and their ball bounced into his driveway, that he’d run outside and snatch the ball, and say “I’m keeping this till you kids learn!” And then go back into his house and watch the kids cry from his window.

    • PeterPaul

      Let’s have your real name to look up your record…

      He that is without sin among you, let him be the first to cast a stone at her. John 8:7

      • David

        There is no place for aBible Beater like you in the real world. These cops need to be prosecuted and fired and made example of. Cops are NO good never have been and never will be.

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