Jersey Shore Elementary Renovated

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JERSEY SHORE -- Administrators at a school in Lycoming County say their building is a step above the rest, now that renovations are complete.

Newswatch 16 got a tour of the elementary school before teachers welcome parents and students to an open house.

Students in Allison Confer's fifth grade class work with iPads and new high-tech equipment in a brand new classroom.

"We have iPads , we have Wi-Fi. We have computers available for our students. It's great," Confer said.

This year about 700 students who go to Jersey Shore Elementary in Jersey Shore started the new year in a completely renovated building.

"Everything is nice and shiny. I think the students are taking more pride in our school," Confer added.

"Basically it's the shell of the building remains but everything else is brand new," said director of operations Bruce Boncal.

Boncal said the school was under construction for about a year and a half. Renovations cost around $15 million.

But now some energy reducing changes will help save the school money.

"Behind the scenes there are all new electrical, plumbing, air conditioning systems."

In the past, visitors would come through the main entrance of the building, and pass by several classrooms before making it to the main office. Now officials say the building is much safer, because the main entrance is separated from the rest of the building.

"You have to be buzzed in to come into the office first. That's a huge difference than what we had in the past," Boncal said.

"It's pretty cool."

Madison Hamilton is in fifth grade and says she loves the changes to her school.

"In third grade, we had the gym in the cafeteria in one place, but now they are in separate places, like in two different rooms," she said.

Students have been in the new building since the beginning of the school year.

Jersey Shore Elementary's first open house is Monday night.