Harrisburg Couple Charged with Homicide of Mentally Disabled Son

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HARRISBURG -- Police have charged Jarrod Tutko, Sr. and his wife Kimberly Tutko with criminal homicide in connection with the death of their young son.

According to court documents, Jarrod Tutko, who used to live in Shenandoah, didn't check on his mentally disabled eight-year-old son for two days over the summer.

His wife spoke with Newswatch 16 back in August and said she smelled something in the house and thought it might be a dead mouse. Instead it was her son who had been dead for several days.

Authorities removed the Tutkos five other children from their home in Harrisburg.

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  • true_archer

    Thank God they’re charging her too! This whole thing is monstrous! That poor boy! Those poor kids! People acting like she’s all innocent thru that “learned helplessness.” At last justice will be served for Jarrod Jr. I hope these monsters get life!

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