Game Commission Allowing Hunting in Search Areas

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The PA Game Commission announced late Monday afternoon it would not restrict hunters from the area of the search for Eric Frein.

While the hunt for Frein is in its third week along the Monroe and Pike County line, the hunting season is fast approaching in this area.

Members of the Beaver Run Hunting and Fishing Club in Pike County expect to start heading out into the woods south of Blooming Grove this weekend.

“If there are people out there archery hunting they will probably keep an eye on him, too, so if anything he`s going to have even more people looking out for him,” said Nicole Hill of the Beaver Run Hunting and Fishing Club.

The caretakers of the club said members held off from shooting rifles this weekend to keep from distracting police in the search for Frein.

State game officials say hunters should use common sense and not interfere with the search. Hunters should wear fluorescent orange on their head, chest, and back, which is usually not required until a later part of the hunting season.

Hunters say much of the search area has been tainted by the massive search for Frein.

"The idea of going out in October archery season is finding deer undisturbed. Obviously if you`re in the area where a search is going on, the deer have been disturbed, probably on edge. Probably changing a lot of hunters` plans for sure," said Ted Metzger, owner of Pike County Outfitters. “The deer are educated, already spooked. It will take a while for them to settle down.”

Metzger said he's heard from archers worried what the search will do to their annual hunt in early October, especially when it comes to the preparation many hunters go through to bag that deer.

“I`m sure if many guys have not been able to go out and get them, get their cameras they`re probably a little upset about that. It definitely threw a loop into a lot of people`s lives.”


  • Jessica

    And if they didn’t allow people to go hunting, everyone would have their panties in a bunch about how PSP is taking away their rights, blah blah blah!! No matter what they do people are going to complain. Keep doing your job, PSP!!

    • squigmon

      PSP supporter. Love it! Enough people bashing them thinking they can do better. There are over 1000 officers and FBI on this guy. They know what they are doing. Frein may have planned this but he won’t outsmart this many law enforcement officials. People give Frein too much credit. In this case, the snail is going to win the race. Then I have a certain satisfaction knowing that all the people putting down the PSP were wrong. The families of the PSP victims will have some closure and satisfaction as well.

  • Linda

    There’s a well-armed, psychotic murderer out there. Who in their right mind would make a target of themselves by going into the woods while this man is still at large?!!

  • Steve

    This makes no sense. A hunter is going to end up getting shot by a police officer or frein himself. You have to be a moron to go out there hunting. And how is it even possible that all of these hunters are going to not interfere with the investigation? This should be interesting

  • Tam

    Unbelievable, do you not think this guy can knock off one of the hunters and take there orange clothing and walk on out of the woods?

  • Richard Cranium

    If the police are searching the area, why are they letting hunters camp and run around in the woods? what if some trigger happy cop shoots a hunter?

  • PatheticDrill

    You can’t go to school because its unsafe. But you can go out hunting in the very woods where Frein is supposedly hiding? Makes zero sense to me.

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