State Police: Frein Researched How To Evade Police

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BLOOMING GROVE TOWNSHIP -- At a news conference Friday afternoon, state police released new information on the search for Eric Frein, including evidence that suggests he had been planning an ambush on police for some time, and they give us a look at where Frein may have been hiding.

It was two weeks ago when one state trooper was killed and another hurt.

In addition to evidence found on a computer, investigators also addressed rumors about a possible motive and talked about today's search of a vacant resort.

Police addressed the media at a 3 p.m. news conference and said they have evidence that Frein planned his attack on the Blooming Grove barracks for years.

"We are convinced Eric Frein has been planning this attack for at least a couple of years. That information is supported by a search of a computer hard drive which Frein had access to," said Lt. Col. George Bivens.

Authorities recovered a laptop computer Frein had access to and on that hard drive found searches related to evading manhunts, law enforcement technology, and survivalist skills.

Troopers also revealed they believe Frein had been experimenting with explosives because of evidence they have recovered and interviews they have conducted.

They also gave us a look at one of the caves where Frein may have been hiding within the past two weeks.

Earlier this morning, SWAT teams took 10 to 12 hours to clear the vacant Buck Hill Falls Inn.

Investigators had reason to believe Frein had been known to visit there in the past.

There have been no confirmed sightings of Frein at the Buck Hill Falls Inn during the search.

Troopers also are working to dispel rumors that Frein's brother or sister-in-law who lives in Olyphant had been friends with Trooper Alex Douglass who was injured in the attack.

Authorities say it's important that they continue this manhunt for Frein no matter what.

"I believe he is absolutely still a threat to not only the police but the public. I don't suppose anybody out there would care to have running through or hiding in their backyard," said Lt. Col. Bivens.

Newswatch 16 spoke with authorities in Monroe County about how they have been working around the clock supporting state and federal agencies in this manhunt.

Barrett and Price Townships have transformed over the past two weeks. Law enforcement from all over has set up headquarters there, hunting for Frein.

Barrett Township's police chief says it's more than the six officers in his department could imagine.

"It's over the top, it is. The town's not used to this. The police department is not used to this. This is a quiet community, I believe everybody would agree with," said Barrett Township Police Chief Steve Williams.

His department is now fielding about 50 calls per day, compared to their usual 10 to 15 and have relied on support from neighboring local departments to have about 15 to 25 officers available at all times to provide assistance to state and federal agencies leading the manhunt.

"We're more familiar with the terrain. We're more familiar with the people. State police have been utilizing us for that."

Barrett Township's fire house now is a hub of state police activity, filled with food donations and supplies for all of the search teams looking for Frein.

The volunteer department has been fully staffed for nearly two weeks straight.

"The Pennsylvania State Police have been at the station 24/7. We've been providing them with three meals a day and whatever else we can help out," said Barrett Township Fire Chief Grover Cleveland.

The Monroe County district attorney's office is now assisting in this investigation that first began in Pike County.

Assistant District Attorney Mike Mancuso says the D.A.'s office has been securing search warrants that are sealed and then taking them right through the court of common pleas in Stroudsburg.

"We've crunched almost 15 as recently, the last two as recently as an hour ago, so we're helping the search in that respect and that also aids in the investigation," Mancuso said.

Each local agency has been doing its part to help while also making quick changes to continue to ensure everyone's safety.

"We actually had to work with the police department quick to change our procedures to get through this with the unknown if he has any possibility to be listening to what's going on," said Monroe County 911 deputy director of communications Jeff Strunk.

The overtime has yet to be added up and the toll on this community assessed entirely, but this dedicated team says they are prepared to continue this work as long as Frein remains on the run.


  • Chainsaw Bar Oil

    “Planning attack for years” but at the same time we are supposed to believe that the officers shot were picked at random. I’m not buying that one. He has had countless opportunities to pick off officers at random the past two weeks, yet has not. His “grudge against law enforcement” seems very specific. Granted, he is a nut, but quite coherent in his planning in order to evade police until the leaves fall off the trees.

    • Kenneth Payne

      Yes I’ve been following in commenting so far been right but still waiting for him to hit the trail for south you got a good point till the leaves fall when there gone you got better view on what’s moving on the ground another reason frein has to head south…

    • Kenneth Payne

      Yes I’ve been following in commenting so far been right but still waiting for him to hit the trail for south you got a good point till the leaves fall when there gone you got better view on what’s moving on the ground another reason frein has to head south…I could find this guy.. With a duck call…

  • rb

    The badge shields law enforcements abilities to be legit an treat everyone with respect few weeks ago got gas trooper couldnt even hold the door y…lack of respect wonder y ppl dont respect the law its ok for them to travel 90 100 mph so y cant i they enforce laws not break em

  • rb

    I sure would like to know how psp is keeping everyone safe ?? You think the psp standing around an sriving up an down back roads is keeping you safe…lol this guy dont respect law enforcement an has no problem killing only reason you should feel safe is bc hes not outside ur window with u in the scope

  • mdog

    Hmmm future or past clients of the law posting?
    Did Diapheredboywonder plan postings here too?
    Are his angry little chumps here? GROW UP
    and be a decent law abiding citizen like me.
    Put the crack pipe down, learn respect.
    Your kids deserve a clean drug free life.

  • crackers81

    No. I sleep safe at night because I am a gun owner who knows his rights. I sleep safe at night because I keep my distance from nutballs like Frein AND the police department who kill people with tasers because they’re too fat and incompetent to do actual police work.

    • psp wife

      crackers81 let me just tell you that you would never last 6 months at the academy with what they go through mentally or physically in their training or the hours my husband works. My husband is far from incompetent or fat and would smoke you in a physical fitness challenge I guarantee you…. Go join Frein in the woods see if you can do better at catching him , or are you too incompetent? Oh and tasers don’t kill people…not very smart are you …

    • Cathy

      If you’re man enough, you go try to find him with all your guns. Ohhhhh wow you’re a gun owner. This is PA dipsh*t. Everyone is a gun owner.

    • Motivator Number 1

      Crackers, being a gun owner isn’t enough to keep you safe at night. Making comments like your’a makes you sound like the exact “nut balls” you are trying to keep your distance from.

      As a US Marine, I whole heartedly support the PSP and the second amendment, but if you think a warm gun alone will keep you safe at night then you are sadly mistaken.

      I love my guns and I’d love nothing more than to turn this madman into pink mist, but I’ll leave that to the professionals who are making it their sole priority to keep us safe, rather than bad mouth those same men.

      And kudos to the cop who managed to “kill with a taser” because that must have been a feat.

    • crackers81

      Ooh, I guess you told me propaganda wife. Sorry, but real life isn’t your little paramilitary home. No one cares. The horrible cops of this state, and largely this nation blew it with the public when they started killing us with tazers. Making personal attacks on me isn’t the same thing as invalidating my argument.

      No one cares that you’re a cheerleader for your little husband. He chose a highly political job in a time when cops have been making a menace of themselves. Live with it.

    • Joe Black

      Not so my friend, it’s just that little innocent until proven guilty thing that you’re forgetting. Also the PSP keeps telling the public things that are not supported by the facts.

      • Buffalobillpa

        Oh please. This isn’t about innocent until proven guilty. Of course he deserves his day in court just like any other accused. But why people can’t support the authorities why they try and find him instead of seemingly root against them I’ll never understand.

    • stickhead

      The police have hard stressful jobs and the public doesn’t have any constructive way of dealing with issues they have with the government so they direct at anyone that represents it but there are bad cops out there and it gets anyone emotional to see someone get hurt for nothing

  • jamesw

    don’t blame the psp that give speeding tickets for not finding him there not the ones looking for him the fbi is in charge of this, you don’t make #2 on there most wanted list for killing a cop hundreds of cop are killed each year in the us and there killers don’t make the list the fbi could have been watching him after all you don’t get that brand of cigs. of ebay or at the local smoke shop he might be involved in some terror plot or know something about one and that’s what the fbi is trying to protect all of you from.
    ps. #2 diaper get it.

    • Dingleberry Jones

      Quite an imagination you’ve got there. You actually think foreign branded cigarettes are an indication of a worldwide plot? I think maybe you’ve been watching too much TV.

  • Jake

    Did WILK’s Steve Corbit ever get a callback from Trooper Kelly on how to say Frein’s name? Corbit reminded us that in order for the investigation to move forward, we must know how to say Frein’s last name. WILK’s Corbet was the son of a cop. Corbet knows all things as far as law enforcement. The PSP should name WILK’s local Luzerne County talk show host Steve Corbitt as lead investigator. Corbit worked in a jail too- he knows how the criminal mind works. Let’s get Corbit on the 14 hour shift out in the woods.

    • Chainsaw Bar Oil

      I heard that Frein has a radio powered by a potato and frequently tunes in to Steve’s show prior to changing any soiled clothing.

  • Observed

    Some of the comments here are hilarious……diaper sniper……..I think he left his panties and his empty cigarette backs as a joke…….if he can hide himself for 2 weeks…….while 1000’s are looking for him the he can hide the rest of the $hit too………pun intended. I agree w the other poster who said he’s got a phd in evading capture. There’s more to this story than what is being released. I’m beginginng to believe it was personal. It’s all wrong either way but that’s my opinion.

  • who says

    He allegedly had access to this hardrive on a computer…??? They are leaving out whether or not the computer even belonged to frein. I think its all a frame.

    • Randy

      With all this coverage you think he is being framed, you need to wake up, Our police department don’t make up things, they only release facts and probably info that should be saved for trail should he make it there, But the bottom line, this man is dangerous to every one.

  • Lenter15

    Hahah why is this guy referred to as a survivalist when he couldn’t even live a day on his own outside of mommy and daddy’s house. Just because your daddy taught you how to use a gun and you learned to fish and make fire at boys outs doesn’t make you anything. Put your boy toy ak47 away that anybody with a few hundred bucks can pick up. Your name will be forgotten and your mommy and daddy will cry themselves to sleep. Give it up diaper sniper.

      • Motivator Number 1

        I don’t think it is necessarily “white knighting” for the cops, but rather championing for the establishment of rule and order.

        I certainly am rooting for the good guys, the PSP, to take this guy down.

        I may not agree with every law that is in place, but I do agree with the system that has established such laws that are put in place with a vote.

        I also agree that at some point, taking a life may be justified. However, ambushing uncontested law enforcement officers does not align as a justified kill…

        It seems crazy that anyone wouldn’t support the police in this position! I’d certainly help my neighbor if someone were trying to bring harm to him, just as I support the men and women who enforce the law and order of this fine state.

    • rb

      Well lets just say this man is in the woods, i sure would enjoy to see you atrempt to sleep in the woods an survive 2 weeks..not stickin up for the guy buy you people who voice opinions should really put thought into the dum $hit u say

  • wiseguy71

    They should give my ex-wife a bull horn and let her walk through the woods yelling at him…trust me…he will come out!!!!

    • crackers81

      Oh ho ho haha! Yeah, it’s funny what with the officer murdered and the community terrorized and then stripped of civil liberties unjustly at the hands of an equally out of control police mob mentality. I can totally see how you’d find levity in any of this.

  • mandyland

    I just want to say thank you to all the law enforcement out there doing their job! This doesnt happen everyday and I think we are all kinda shell shocked and handling this the best we can.

    • mandyland

      And to all the naysayers…. its obvious that police with hold vital information. We dont know it all. They are keeping us safe.

  • Good ole boy

    This is just one big sick game to the diaper sniper. With any luck they will just find his remains where an unhappy bear had it’s way with him and his dirty diaper ..

  • true_archer

    “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open” PSP, you got this.

  • john wayne

    I find it laughable that the media and police keep slamming him for being an idiot but yet he’s making them look like a punch of incompetent morons

  • John

    Well, if you’re a DUI or speeding offender or both than you should be arrested or ticketed because you are a threat to every hard working taxpayer out there. Yes, and how do you know nobody believes the PSP anymore, did you do a survey?, or is that just a stupid off the cuff remark aimed at the State Police because you received a ticket you didn’t deserve? You know, some actually do deserve these tickets. This Criminal will be found, time is against him and when they do, he should receive the full justice of the law for taking an innocent life , leaving his wife heartbroken and leaving two children fatherless.

    • Brian

      i think the residents of that area are being terrorized enough. Justin beeper for longer then 30 seconds at high volumes is cruel and unusual punishment.

  • Lloyd "he's gone" Schmucatelli

    How long until the press conference goes something like this, “We believe the contrast pressure we put on Frein has forced him to hitchhike on the interstate in the middle of the night. We further believe that at this time, he is out of our jurisdiction and we will be calling off our search. No further comments.”

    • crackers81

      Yeah well that’s what happens when you deputize the mob mentality and take away the legal framework that makes them beholden to the people they’re supposed to be protecting. It’s tragic the officer was killed. But this type of thing is going to happen more often. When you have a situation like we do in the US where, nationwide, cops have been murdering unarmed people with supposed non0lethal weaponry to compensate for their general inability to do real police work then you’re going to have backlash. And what a backlash! I never thought I’d live to see the day the cult of the cop fell apart. I’ve heard nothing but lip service for 30 years and now people have finally gotten the message.

      And god help us all because not only do we have to deal with crappy cops but we also have to deal with the OTHER extremist side of things in guys like Frein who think the solution to this problem is to shoot at cops. But what did you expect? It’s not a new thing that extremist behavior tends to breed equal-opposite extremist backlash.

      Only a profoundly stupid nation of people could end up in our position. We have no one but ourselves to blame for wearing ribbons and treating cops like gods.

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