Mail Delivery Stopped For Hundreds Of Homes

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PRICE TOWNSHIP -- For hundreds of homes in the Canadensis and Cresco areas, the new normal is officers with guns drawn as the manhunt for Eric Frein enters into its 11th day.

On and off roadblocks have kept people from coming to and from their homes off Route 447.

And that's not all.

"Mail delivery for the safety of the customers and the carrier has been temporarily suspended," Postmaster Phil Zimich said.

That's right, no mail. The Cresco post office says its last delivery was on Friday to about 200 to 250 homes.

Residents say it's just one of the reasons they've been on edge.

"You know, you can't get your mail. You can't go check your house and see if everything is fine. It's just crazy. "

Snow Hill Road resident Anita Yasiman says she picked up her vehicle registration and some papers she needed to start her new business off Route 715 in the Poconos.

"Papers from the IRS so I can try to open up the business, because everything's in a standstill until I'm able to get those papers," Yasiman said.

The Cresco post office says they have 20 bins just like this waiting in the back for customers they can't deliver to.

The bins are just the beginning. All paper mail is sorted in a different area as well.

The post master says they're hoping to return service as soon as it's safe.

"There's been a lot of calls, and people need not call, they're welcome to just come in and pick their mail up with their ID."

The Canadensis post office has had troubles, too. They were able to get some deliveries out but while Eric Frein remains at large, residents say it's a gamble every day waiting to see if deliveries get through.

"Hopefully it will be calm enough that he can get in. People are putting their trash out. I'm not sure that the trash collector will get out today," said Jeanie Kurzrok.


  • Mike

    This is not terrorism. This is society terrorizing itself.
    Do we shut down schools and mail delivery when any other murder goes unsolved? No. Yet we’re at as much of a threat in those instances when someone with the capacity to kill is out there, on the loose.
    WNEP isn’t helping either. They want to keep you afraid so you’ll keep watching.
    Stay fearful and stay tuned.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Well, this whole thing has OFFICIALLY crossed the line from awkward and confusing to just insane and utterly rediculous.

  • john wayne

    Business shouldn’t be suspended because some idiot is god knows where. The same wouldn’t be so if he had shot to everyday citizens.

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