Former Teacher Agrees to Plead Guilty

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KINGSTON -- A former educator from Luzerne County has agreed to plead guilty to child sex charges.

Lauren Harrington-Cooper is accused of having sexual contact with one boy and exchanging inappropriate text messages with another while she was a teacher in the Wyoming Valley West School District.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education suspended Harrington-Cooper’s license before the beginning of this school year.


  • John Ranck

    Teachers aren’t Teachers anymore,They are Children that have no Bounderies,Just like the Students they are supposed to Teach.

  • Thereaper

    It’s sick what she did but at least it was with the same sex and not rape . At 16 years old we’d already had sex ed and I was quite able to decide whether I wanted sex or not

    • DEBBIE

      You realize that statutory rape is still rape. If the genders were reversed I have no doubt you would be in the front of the mob wanting to lynch the perpetrator. Just because the victim is male makes him less worthy of our support?

  • Chester Bugaski

    Should have forced a trial to expose how she operated and also see if other victims. Unless the DA demands maximum sentence, this plea is a disservice to the community.

    • HazleDumb

      Everybody knows more than the prosecutors and investigators….How do you know that she didn’t provide this information already as part of a plea settlement? Right, you don’t.

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