Billboards Aimed to Help with Manhunt

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WILKES-BARRE -- Billboards are now up all over the area telling people to be on the lookout for Eric Frein. His face is also being shown on lottery machines.

Frein is now number two on the FBI's most wanted list.

Both drivers and the governor hope this will help police track him down.

Digital billboards are constantly rotating pictures and ads. Added to the rotation now is the face of alleged killer Eric Frein.

"I think it`s a very good thing. It`ll hopefully help put it out there. People will come across it and maybe it`ll lead to information that`ll help catch the person," said Michawl Tumulak of Virgina.

Governor Tom Corbett spoke out about the suspected gunman at an event in Wilkes-Barre.

"It's important that people know what this man looks like. He's a dangerous individual. He is armed, and he has killed. So we want them to be aware of what this man looks like," said the governor.

Some drivers who pass by these billboards, like Susan Martin of Wanamie, believe the billboards could work.

"When I watch those America`s Most Wanted, just putting it up there, sometimes the next day they`re caught," Martin said.

"Especially the digital ones. You tend to notice it because they`re changing. Even as quickly as you`re driving, you still notice them out the corner of your eye," Tumulak said.

Governor Corbett says the ads will remain on the billboards until police catch Frein.

"This was an attack on society. This was an assassination of a police officer and the attempted assassination of another one. Picking solely on a law enforcement officer."

State police say hundreds of troopers and investigators are out looking for Frein.

He is still believed to be in the area.

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