Shooter, Victim Identified in Scranton Murder-Suicide

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SCRANTON -- The Lackawanna County coroner released the names on Monday of the victims of a murder-suicide in Scranton.

It happened Sunday night and it appears it began with a neighborhood feud.

According to the coroner, Anthony Collins, 54, of Scranton died as a result of multiple gunshot wounds.  His death is ruled a homicide.

Thomas Campion, 65, of Scranton died as a result of a single gunshot wound.  His death has been ruled suicide.

The side of a car is covered in bullet holes. There are marks left on the ground where the shots first hit, and next to them are blood stains.

It's all part of a shooting involving two neighbors on Green Place in Scranton.

"The guy that got shot said, 'Don't be racist.' The guy, Tom, the one that did the shooting said, 'You're all going to die. I'm going up in my house and getting a gun.'"

A man who did not want to be identified saw it all. He said Campion and Collins were friendly neighbors. He said the men were joking Sunday evening until Campion started calling Collins racial slurs. The men started yelling at each other, and soon he said Campion got a gun from inside his home and shot Collins.

"Tom walked up on him. He said, 'You're not dead yet?' He goes, 'Don't ever call me a racist,' and he shot him two more times."

He said Campion continued to shoot at neighbors but no one else was hit, except for the car and this man's house. Eventually, he said, Campion sat on his bench and shot himself.

Christine Keller walked over to the scene after her son told her he heard sirens.

"It was very scary because I didn't want my son to see what was going on because he's little, and he don't need to go through it."

Neighbors say they never expected either of the men to be involved in something like this.

"The guy that got shot didn't deserve it. He worked six days a week. He wouldn't harm a fly. The other guy, he lost his job. He said, 'I'm ready to die.' He had nothing to live for. He just lost his girl. He wasn't on his medication, and plus he was drinking all day, too, so it was a tragedy."

Scranton police are still investigating the shooting, but the coroner calls this a case of murder-suicide.


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