State Police on Barracks Shooting: “It’s a Cowardly Attack”

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BLOOMING GROVE TOWNSHIP -- The Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner described the shooting as "unbelievably heartbreaking."

Cpl. Bryon Dickson, who had been with state police since 2007, was killed in a shooting Friday night at the State Police barracks at Blooming Grove.

Trooper Alex Douglass was injured and is recovering.

"As you can imagine, this is a tragic event for Pennsylvania State Police and all of law enforcement in Pennsylvania," said State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan.

State police said they do not have anyone in custody for what police are calling an ambush shooting. Officials also said the troopers were not shot at a close range.

"It's a cowardly attack. It's attacked upon all of us in society and the people of Pennsylvania," said Noonan.

State police said more than 100 law enforcement officials from New York, New Jersey and here in Pennsylvania have searched the Blooming Grove area for a suspect or suspects and, so far, nothing.

"We are convinced that this individual is no longer in that immediate area," said Lt. Colonel George Bivens.

Officials believe this was a targeted attack but urge people in Pike County to be alert.

"I understand that many members of the community are concerned, and I can understand they're concerned, but we have a very dangerous armed criminal that has already killed one Pennsylvania state trooper and injured another that is not in custody and we do not believe any other person is at risk, this attack was focused specifically at law enforcement," said Noonan.

State police said they will be conducting hundreds of interviews over the next few days in relation to the shooting. But again, there is no one in custody.

State police are offering up to a $50,000 reward to anyone who gives information leading to an arrest.

If you have information, you can call 1-866-326-7256.


  • PAUL

    This shooting just does not add up, why would anyone just randomly open fire on these men, i feel sad, and appalled, but i think we are going have to dig deeper into this, something is just not adding up..

  • Jaime Curtis

    I dnt condone what happened no ones deserves to die but I can understand why this stuff occurs because police and a good portion of the community actually believe that they are better and worth more than any other person being killed . The police are nothing more to me than any other person being killed and I bet the person/persons involved believe they were justified for what they did , the police are out of control and to them being trained that the people they swore to protect are the enemy.

  • Beverly Sarge

    As we mourn the loss of another “police officer” I find no better time than now to bring to the attention of your reporters to stop using the term “cops” within their reporting. These men and woman are out in the field everyday risking their lives to protect all of us. In my opinion using the term “cops” is terribly disrespectful to all of these individuals. “Cops” is the slang criminals or those who hate or dislike law enforcement use.
    Let this tragedy be a reminder to everyone to start giving these “Soldiers in Blue” the “Respect” they are so deserving of! These men and woman deserve to be referred to as “Police Officers”.
    My heart goes out to all the family members of these 2 officers. They will always be in the thoughts & prayers of all the citizens they are protecting. May God Bless these them & every law enforcement officer who is protecting each & everyone of us on a daily basis.

  • Jim

    Hey Fratboy, I have nothing against the police. However, when some clown starts a post with “I am the police. And I am here to arrest you.” you can be sure I’m going to point out the stupidity of their post.

    Oh yeah, and I’ve been driving for many years now without so much as a parking ticket, so I don’t need anyone to remind me to drive safely.

  • Observed

    Wow…..I am blown away by what happened at that police barracks. I hope they catch that person too. This a direct offense to our society.

  • Fratboy

    Jim and Joe, two very accomplished philosophers, in their own mind. Someday, you will need a cop to protect you. that includes the traffic ticket you receive, given to you as a reminder to drive safely.

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