UPDATE: One Trooper Killed In Shooting At State Police Barracks

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UPDATE 9/14/14 — According to the Pike County district attorney, the reward has been increased to up to $50,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction. (866) 326-7256

UPDATE 4:15 p.m. -- State police have put out an updated phone number for tips regarding the deadly ambush at the Blooming Grove barracks.  (866) 326-7256

UPDATE 3:15 p.m. --

UPDATE 2:41 p.m. --

UPDATE 2:30 p.m. -- State Police commissioner Frank Noonan identifies Corporal Bryon Dickson as the state police member killed in Friday night's ambush at the barracks in Blooming Grove, Pike County.

Cpl_Bryon_Dickson-with-background-name Trooper Alex Douglass was wounded. He is in critical condition.

Noonan says no suspect or suspects are in custody. Noonan says the attack seems to be directed at law enforcement, not the general public. They believe that whoever carried out the shooting is no longer in the immediate area.


PA Crime Stoppers is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. Call (800) 4PA-TIPS (800-472-8477).

Governor Corbett has ordered all Pennsylvania flags in the Capitol Complex and at commonwealth facilities in Pike County to fly at half-staff to honor Corporal Dickson.

UPDATE 1:10 p.m. -- State police are expected to release more information about the shooting this afternoon.  A news conference with State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan is scheduled for 2:30 p.m.

UPDATE 11:50 a.m. -- Governor Tom Corbett released a statement on the shooting. The statement reads:

"Our prayers go out to the family, friends and colleagues of the Pennsylvania State Police trooper who was killed in the line of duty Friday night outside the Blooming Grove, Pike County, state police barracks. We are praying as well, for the full recovery of his colleague who was injured in the incident.

"Every attack on an officer of the law is an attack on our state, our country and civilized society. The incident in Blooming Grove shows, once again, that our first responders face constant danger in order that the rest of us may live in peace and safety.

"At this time, State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan and Pennsylvania State Police troopers are working with local and other law enforcement agencies to apprehend the person or persons who carried out this cowardly act. We ask the public to be patient as well as vigilant."

Congressman Tom Marino (R-10th) also released a statement, saying:

"My first reaction was pure sadness. Officers and troopers put themselves in harm’s way day in and day out but it is their families that bear a burden as well. The best thing our communities can do right now is seek to be supportive. We lost a trooper, another one is injured. Our deepest sympathies, thoughts and prayers are with them.

"However, my second reaction was anger. I cannot even fathom the mind of a monster that would ambush our troopers. I hope our officers, on the hunt right now, catch the suspect and bring him to justice as soon as possible. We have some of the finest law enforcement officers in the country and I know our communities are in good hands during the pursuit. But I pray for their safety during this difficult time.”

UPDATE 10:30 a.m. -- Police are questioning a person of interest in the shooting.

BLOOMING GROVE TOWNSHIP -- One Pennsylvania State Police trooper is dead and another is injured following a shooting at a barracks in Pike County.

State police have confirmed there was a shooting late Friday night at the Blooming Grove barracks.

Authorities confirm one trooper is dead and another was wounded.

Their names have not been released.

It happened along Route 402 in Blooming Grove Township.

Investigators said it happened Friday night as the two troopers were changing shifts. They were shot outside the barracks by a shooter or shooters.

Troopers say no one is in custody and a massive manhunt is under way, with police from Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey involved in the search.

Our crews have watched more than 100 police vehicles race up Route 402 towards the Blooming Grove barracks just off Interstate 84.

Newswatch 16 was also there as numerous medical helicopters were seen taking off in the area.

SWAT team vehicles also arrived in the Blooming Grove area just before 1 a.m. Saturday.

The trooper injured is recovering from surgery. His injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

The state police commissioner said it has been a trying night for everyone involved.

"It's very emotional for all of us," said Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan. "But we're also focused on our investigation. I'm sure this is going to be a very difficult time for them as it is for all of as when we're done working to get this terrible crime solved.

Commissioner Noonan added that, "People in the area can come and go freely but should be alert."

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Pennsylvania State Police in Honesdale at 570-253-7126.

Troopers out of the Dunmore state police barracks are taking over this investigation, while Honesdale state police are handling all calls for troopers at Blooming Grove until further notice.


  • True_Archer

    Thoughts and prayers with family and friends of this fallen officer. To the one who did this? God help you because He is the only one who would.

  • helen lindsay

    There r some officers that r crooked but to the officers who serve n perfect my hats go off to ya all my prayers go out to the one who died n the one in surgery n there families

  • Francine Price

    Stay safe on the roads and keep calm. No one knows who or where this cretin is. Hope they catch him. Much as I think most of the cops in this country are out of control, I still hate cop-killers.

  • deanna

    Prayers to all the officers families this is time close to home for me I live right down the road I’m saddened to think in today’s world officers cannot go to work and get ambushed in the parking lot sooooo sad

  • truthmonger

    As a 20-year veteran cop AND gun-owner, I’m offended by your ignorant, smart-arsed comment. Good men were killed and injured, and you use it for politics. Face it, you don’t feel anything for the officers, you just want to push your pathetic little agenda.

  • Jody McKibben

    I find it curious that when I leave a comment that you could leave a gun on the table for 24/7 days a week and I bet it doesn’t kill anyone.. That Guns are inanimate objects and it takes a human being behind the gun to shoot it.. that People Kill People….. That that comment is awaiting moderation for over an half hour but the fear mongering/ hate filled ones are posted immediately… Go figure.

  • Jody McKibben

    You know what I could leave a gun on the table for 24 hours a day 7 days a week…. and I bet it doesn’t kill anyone…. Guns are inanimate objects… it takes a HUMAN BEING behind the gun to shoot it…!!!!! PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE… you can kill someone with a Hammer or other object… but it is always the PERSON behind the object that Kills… Bet you NOT 1 Gun is locked up in prison for killing someone…

  • copper

    guns dont go off by themselves . people with there fingers pull the trigger. So the problem isnt guns its a person with a bad attitude or seeing justice in thee own way or who really knows bottom line the gun didnt do it alone .

  • Bill53

    It appears that the moderators pulled the original statement that my last post was rebutting. Thank you Mr(s). Moderator. But I am sure you can understand what that “person” was saying. Why so much hate?!

  • Ben

    I wish wnep would take the comment section down or be more strict in monitoring it. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to post. Prayers to all the officers and their families in PA and all over the world…not just the deceased but the ones who go to work everyday to protect us. Thank you

  • Bill53

    You’re glad an officer was killed… You’re glad someone’s son or daughter was killed. You’re glad someone’s wife or husband was killed. You’re glad that someone’s father or mother was killed. I would say that you fit the definition of an extremist _______! It is sad that someone can say that in this day and age, just a couple days after the 13th anniversary of one of the most horrific days in our country’s history. A day that many great citizens and “militaristic” officers died trying to protect fellow citizens from just the type of thinking that you exhibit. Shame on you!

  • Jay

    This person can be held up anywhere… Everyone needs to be aware of anything/anyone that looks suspicious.. and report it.. I feel that same as you AL.. We are in Hemlock Farms as well.. If they can do this to police officers then we are all fair game.

  • Bill53

    Guns didn’t “do this”. They are inanimate objects. Deranged people do this. Someone who shouldn’t have had a gun in the first place for some reason, I am sure. Law abiding, responsible citizens who responsibly own guns do not kil police officers. Let’s put the blame where it belongs. You may not want to own a gun and that it your choice. That is what makes this country great.

  • Mike Kalinsky

    Are you kidding? A brother was murdered tonight. Another wounded and you pull out a soapbox? You sir are the epitome of an idiot. Since last Saturday at least 4 officers in Kansas, Indiana, South Carolina and now PA have been murdered. Do you think any of us care how they were killed?

  • Kat

    The police are afraid to to their job anymore because people are second guessing everything they do. My heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones in this mess. Unfortunately the lowest among us are going to take advantage of the weakening of our law enforcement.

    • crackers81

      Well you’re about blind as a new born babe aren’t you? These types of events are happening because the police force is WAY overpowered and is abusing that power constantly. Innocent, unarmed citizens are being killed by the handfulls across this country. I’m not saying the right way to respond to the grossly overpower, paramilitarized police force is to start shooting at them, but honestly, it was to be expected. The crazies will respond to pressure this way. And instead of learning their lesson, cops will just consolidate even more power because screw actually running a humanist, reasonable law enforcement agency. Because of people like you the government thinks the only way to go is TOUGH ON CRIME (Which doesn’t work, ever, anywhere). So you just post your self righteous little comments and look in the mirror tonight and recite: “It’s not my fault”. Say it enough times and you’ll believe it.

  • Fratboy

    Prayers to all PSP hearing this news. Thank God, you all stayed on the job to serve and protect. Thanks to the trooper who laid down his life. No greater love . . . No wise cracks, no gun statements. Bless all those in uniform.

  • joedy barry

    I live 4 houses down from barracks helicopter buzzing back n forth..police patrolling..looking.I’m locked down gun loaded just in case.

  • al

    I received a phone call that a shooting at Blooming grove state police barracks had happen. I live in Hemlock Farms near 402, hearing helicopters above. There is a information blackout not knowing what measures to take. How many and How does anybody know that a shooter or shooters went south on 402.

    • Steve

      I survived two revolutions, a civil war, and a bombing overseas. The very best advice: lock the doors and windows and stay inside. Let the authorities handle things.

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