Four Officers Suspended in Mount Carmel Township

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MOUNT CARMEL TOWNSHIP -- Officers blamed for misbehavior are off the job in Northumberland County.

Four officers in Mount Carmel Township are suspended after being blamed for throwing fireworks at another police officer on duty in a neighboring department.

And although it may sound like a prank, local leaders are taking it seriously.

Officers Michael Pitcavage, Matthew Filarski, Patrick McAndrew and David Stamets were suspended last week after an incident that happened on Labor Day, according to Mount Carmel Township's police chief.

A township official says the four officers were off-duty when they were allegedly driving through Kulpmont and threw a lit firework at a Kulpmont police officer's car.

"I do feel what they did was wrong as far as throwing something at a passing car. If you think about that lady who got hit by that rock, that officer could've wrecked too," Terry Goguts said.

Authorities said the Kulpmont police officer then chased the four off-duty cops and pulled them over. No charges have been filed yet and the case was handed over to state police.

"They could have been reprimanded other ways I think than being suspended. We need our cops in our town," Donna Kehler said.

The chief said because of the suspensions, the department went from six full-time and six part-time officers to four full-time and four-part time officers. But he said the Mount Carmel Township police department still has 24/7 coverage.

The two full-time officers were suspended with pay.

"Cops are held to a higher standard. But they're a bunch of young kids out having a good time," Kehler said.

"Why should somebody of that authority not get in trouble for it?" Theresa Freeman asked.

Pitcavage is the police chief of Kulpmont and McAndrew is also a part-time officer there. Both are still on the job in Kulpmont. Borough officials in Kulpmont said it is a personnel matter.

"I don't think that's right, I really don't," Joe Bender said.

Newswatch 16 was unable to get in touch with any of the suspended police officers.


  • Jeff Mayhugh

    These police officers should be prosecuted for whatever laws they violated. Then they should be fired and never hired back and never given letters of recommendation.

  • Pike County native

    Making a bang like a firework near a cop car isn’t funny. It might make the poor cop think he’s being fired upon. Not funny.

  • mdog

    It could be bullying, or a prank gone wrong or they could have been trying to teach him to be on guard…we not know all facts. So be cool like your school folks.

  • .

    the four police officers should be punished , only because if that was a teenager , or anyone at that , it would make front of the papers and they would be charged with numerous charges. just because their police officers should not mean they shouldn’t be charged just like anyone else would.

  • Mad In Hazleton

    I’m sorry this is not funny. you are adult police officers. they should have their act 82 or what ever taken away. end of story. suppose these guys caused a civilian to have a wreck because they where being chased by the other police force?????? it’s all a joke till their is an innocent victim….

  • M. Koppenstance

    Funny? Over reacting? Throwing something from a car is, at minimum, propulsion of missiles from a moving vehicle. And the fact that it was a firework means it was an explosive, incendiary device. And off duty police officers threw that at another on duty officer in a marked police vehicle. If some teenagers/young adults had done this, many would be calling for their incarceration. I think the suspensions are a bit light on punishment, however I hope the PSP and the local prosecutors go by the book on this one. Knowingly breaking the law like that after you’ve sworn to uphold it has no place, anywhere.

  • guns4every1

    Definetely a hate crime. I heard that the guy’s who where throwing the fire crackers where NEG ROS and the other cop car had two YTs in it.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Are you kidding me? That’s funny stuff!!! Are they going to try to call it “bullying”? Get real. This country is becoming a bunch of fairies!!

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