UPDATE: Teens Caught Throwing Items onto I-81

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INTERSTATE 81 -- It has happened again.

Kids were caught throwing stuff off of bridges that go over a busy interstate.

Back in July, a woman was seriously hurt when it happened on Interstate 80 in Union County.

This time it happened on I-81 in Susquehanna and Lackawanna counties.

Traffic on Interstate 81 has smooth sailing again, but overnight the highway between northern Lackawanna County and southern Susquehanna County was littered for miles with broken down vehicles.

Three teens threw all sorts of stuff onto the highway including fire extinguishers, rocks, wood, even metal railings from an overpass in Greenfield Township, according to state police.

"People from Clifford travel to Scranton all the time and they go right under that overpass, and it`s troubling and safety of our roads and interstates is something you take for granted," said Sally Fischbeck of Clifford.

Troopers said more than two dozen vehicles hit the debris. Many had blown out tires and damage under the hood like two still parked at a tow yard just off I-81.

Police nabbed the teens at the bridge and troopers said the trio from Susquehanna County will face charges in juvenile court. Two of the teens are 16 years old, the third is 17.

"That is no misdemeanor. Someone who is that thoughtless about their fellow man, they need a little more than a little juvenile detention. They need to do some time," said Robert Lamarche of Florida.

Prosecutors said the spree started north in the Lenox area and went south, lasting four hours and now tens of thousands of dollars in damage has been done.

"I feel like you don`t resort to that unless there`s something troubling going on in your life. I kind of hope someone can reach out to them and others like them and prevent this from happening again," said Stefan Ward-Wheaton of Massachusetts.

In a case such as this, a judge can make the juveniles and/or their parents pay restitution, said prosecutors.

Anyone who may have had their vehicle damaged can call state police in Susquehanna County or Lackawanna County.


  • Lana

    I can tell you that if my son was caught throwing stuff from a bridge and doing what these idiots were doing there would be hell to pay. He would not only be punished or grounded (which in my opinion) is not harsh enough; jail time would be my choice. I love my son and raise him with morals and respect and thankfully he is a great kid, but there is no doubt in my mind that I would tell him you sit in jail and face the consequences.

  • Ford

    I will likely find out whom these kids are over the weekend. I would bet money that I know where these kids reside, and that their parents probably have the same amount of character. And if this is the case, the people impacted will never see a dime because we are already supporting most of them. This is not representative of the area as a whole, as there are good hard working people and kids in the area as well. However, no one has wanted to deal with the degenerates in the area for years, some of which goes back to my high school years. Partially because of it being a small area and everyone not wanting to hurt other families. I guess now they will hopefully get dealt with swiftly, and be charged as adults to the fullest extent of the law w/ max terms.

    • Generations of VIPERS !

      Maybe if parents aren’t getting involved in monitoring their demonic children’s behavior, and they are being supported by the system, take away the food stamps from the parents or deduce them 75% so they get involved with their kids ! Oh wait, I forgot, we can;t do that as they might just go out and rob a store then, so it is a NO WIN SITUATION ! Society is getting worse and worse, glad I am getting older and older, I would NEVER wanna be born again starting right now in 2014 YUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • patricia

    Something is wired wrong with these kids brains. Just wait til they get older. To the judge ~~~ YOU BETTER THROW THE BOOK AT THEM NOW, TEACH THESE IDIOTS A LESSON!

  • Teach them a severe lesson

    This is WHY the Rock Throwers who almost killed Mrs. Budman back in July need an absolute HARSH/STIFF punishment levied to them to DETER idiots like this !

    So the 4 Rock throwers who almost killed the lady need to become the POSTER BOYS of Hard Punishment to deter these other clowns !

  • Julie Wulie

    I drove through it and it scared the bejeezus out of me – I was between a guardrail and an 18 wheeler and it was very dark and suddenly the road is littered with rocks in front of me- I had nowhere to go but straight through- and then it was very unnerving to see numerous vehicles lining the sides of the road with their blinkers on and people out of their cars, checking for damages.

      • tom

        But it would be satisfying.That would be a good law-you throw rocks at someone-you get rocks thrown at you.O-h i forgot we have to cottle these stinkin’ brats.We can’t punish them harshly-even though the system isn’t working for the victims.

  • Dexter Morgan

    This may sound silly, but I have been thinking about this and the incident that nearly killed a woman and turned her life upside down a few months back. Today, I thought about it when I drove under bridges… Looking up to ensure nothing was being tossed over. Honestly, I have a background of working with juveniles as well as with the law and psychology. I think these kids are horribly disrespectful, but also disturbed in thinking this is funny. I would really like this kind of nonsense to be punished with an adult consequence. No silly little fines. Give them big fines, give them boot camp. (Personally believe juvi messes the kids up more)…. I wish a form of punishment was more like a boot camp. Scare the daylights out of them. Out system for both juvi and adults is too cushy and so crimes happen and the innocent get hurt.

    :end rant:

  • BZ22

    This is NOT a juvenile crime or prank. How many lives did these kids endanger over a period of hours? Doesn’t appear they ever stopped to think they might kill someone or they just didn’t care. Unfortunately, being juveniles, their names most likely never get released and once they’re 18 it all goes away. The victims once again pay a higher price than these kids will. Parents might have to pay out some money but that’s a very small price and no real punishment!

  • Linda

    Time for somebody to take these kids out behind the shed and put some manners on them….then take away the video games and instead of jail time let them do about 30 hours a week of community service time during school and 50 hours a week after school is out………they might think twice about being such idiots next time

  • Rebecca

    The article said the kids and or parents can be made to pay restitution. This should absolutely be the case. Not one penny should come from an insurance company, or if insurance is used to get these people back on the road, the parents and kids should be made to pay back every single cent. I don’t care if they have to take out second mortgages, take 2nd or 3rd jobs, whatever, this is ridiculous. Someone could have been maimed or killed!

  • chris

    if parents were aloud punish there kids back like 50 60 70 with paddle but are goverment had make up thing could children and youth if goverment would let parents correct there kids by paddle them would not be so bad bring back hard punishment that had back in 60s

  • Dexter Morgan

    The parents should be charged as well. Maybe they will smarten up and start having concerns about where their kids are.

    Parents get in trouble if their kids are truant from school…. Therefore parents make their kids go to school. Well, same thing here, if the child does something illegal, as long as they are under 18, the parent or guardian should be liable to SOME extent since the child will just get a slap on the wrist in court and at home.

    • Hammer

      Lets think about this Uhm childern youth aaa? Need to be showed how to chop wood behind the wood shied a bit that would more then likely help but parnets have no morals or eithics do u exspect their off spring would really!!!!!

  • S-T

    we ought to put them in a pit and make them fight the minorities in the area the winner gets to stay while the losers get deported

  • Lola

    Oh yes because this is something new to America’s youth….teens in the 50s, 60s, 70s etc were all the Leave it to Beaver types and never committed crimes. Give me a BREAK! So tired of people attributing crime to being worse now than it ever was.

    • BZ22

      Most of us knew there would be severe punishment at home for something like this. These days parents lawyer them up and try to protect their “good” names!!

    • cheeseburger_walrus

      Crime rates have actually been on the decline for years, yet I continuously hear complaining about how things “never used to be this way.”

    • Dennis

      Lola, I challenge you to go to a large public library that might have old newspapers from the 50s, 60s, 70s. Choose two or three random days’ publications from each decade and compare them to two or three newspapers from 2000 to present. Tally up the crimes from each and note the severity and/or callousness of the crimes then come back to us and tell us if you still believe that crime isn’t becoming worse. And Cheeseburger, while percentage rates have come down, the actual numbers of crimes have increased dramatically as our population has grown. To be sure there has always been crime and there will always be crime, but we’re seeing much less respect for the law and for law enforcement particularly among young people (let alone common decency or respect for others). Ask any long-time law enforcement professional who has been active 20+ years–almost all will describe how gravely different (worse) today is versus when they started and, as a result, we are becoming a weaker nation in part due to this decline as the line between right and wrong further blurs.

  • K R F

    How do these kids sleep at night. What if they hurt children. I hope they straighten themselves up. Whe they get older what is next? A life of crime more than likely.

    • Dexter Morgan

      And to add to that, how do their parents sleep at night? Better yet, where the hell are their parents? My parents knew where I was and who I was with at all times. Should be even easier now with such high tech cell phones! There is a lack of responsibility and lack of education behind these kids. Not saying all parents are bad or that good parents can’t have bad kids, but come on! Really!? If the kids were raised better they would know this kind of stuff is NOT funny nor is it ok!

  • True_Archer

    Great a whole new fad those other lame-brains have started! This area better wake up to how we manage our kids! These teens need to be exposed as in naming names and punished to the fullest extent of the law without excuses of ADHD, Bi-Polar, oh-my-life-is-so-miserable or there’s nothing to do line of BS. Maybe if you start charging parents for property damage since these “children” aren’t expected to receive any REAL punishment this moronic behavior will stop.

    • Jackson

      Well said. I have a lot of mental disabilities but I was never ignorant enough to go do stupid stuff like that. It’s all about character.

  • Don

    Zip tie their hands and feet and set them on the white line at midnight anywhere on I 81. If they live ’til dawn,consider it time served. Bet they don’t feel quite so smart or destructive after that.

    • Trying to go to work.

      My car was involved also. We were lucky enough to only have one tire damaged and a little damage to the side of the car. I felt very sorry for the people that had whole families stranded. Thank GOD no one was killed. I totally agree with your punishment. Nicely said!

  • Garben

    This is insane. The problem lies within the Facebook generation these kids parents are to busy playing candy crush and Facebook ing to teach their kids values it’s a pity shame

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