Lottery Winner Becomes Millionaire

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NEWTON TOWNSHIP -- There's a new millionaire in Lackawanna County.  Someone bought a million dollar winning lottery ticket Sunday at Ayers' Country Market near Clarks Summit.

People who work and shop at the store are excited to hear about the lottery winner, and maybe a little jealous, too.

The lottery promises to bring your dreams to life in the hopes you'll win a million dollars.

The owner of Ayer's Country Market near Clarks Summit says that dream came true for someone at his store.

"My wife sent me a text and said to come over to the store now, and that was kind of an unusual text like as if something was wrong," said Bert Ayers.

It turns out something was actually very right.

"I know the person and he looks at me and says 'I won a million dollars.'"

Bert Ayers scanned the ticket to be sure, but all those zeroes don't lie.

One man is a millionaire and Ayers' store gets a cash bonus for selling the winning ticket.

"Just came out of the blue, completely surprised, thrilled to death, and we wish him well and hope he spends it well."

The new millionaire doesn't want to be identified, but one woman who comes in here and buys lottery tickets every day has some advice for him.

"I don't know if he goes to college, but it'd be a good idea. Yeah, he's a nice boy," said Virginia Thompson.

Thompson buys 10 to 20 lottery tickets each day at Ayers' store. She's happy for the new millionaire.

"How about that? Why can't I win that? Oh, well, someday."

Thompson will just have to keep scratching tickets and crossing her fingers while a new millionaire's dreams come true.


  • RogerSmith

    Sad thing I always see at the local Turkey Hill are people paying for stuff with their Access card then paying cash for $20 in lottery tickets.

  • Garben

    Mean while the old woman will be getting a discount on her prescriptions from the lottery however she spends all her extra dollars hoping for the big pay day lmao

  • Jimbo

    Meantime, 2 million people who could have put a few bucks away in mutual funds for retirement are losers. Net loss to the area’s economy. The lottery. A tax on people who don’t understand the laws of probability and the power of compound interest and time.

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