Funeral for Boy Killed in Cart Crash

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CANTON -- Groups of children left the Canton Mennonite Church after saying farewell to a boy who had just started second grade.

Haydin Riggins lost his life after police said a pickup truck struck the cart he and his sister were riding in Wednesday evening.

The cart was attached to a bicycle being pedaled by his father on Route 6 in Troy.

The driver told police he didn't see the bike and trailer due to glare from the sun. Thursday evening an investigator was back on the scene taking photos, to determine what role visibility played in the crash.

The service Saturday morning drew relatives from other states and even people from the community who never knew the boy.

One man waited near the church to give the family money to help with the boy's burial.

Mark Elmstrom said, "I am so sorry for their loss. It's a shame. I know what they are going through."

After mourners left a funeral luncheon, families who live near the church reflected on the loss.

Danielle Marnati said, while her kids are older than Haydin, she still worries if they are safe on local roads.

"I couldn't imagine what those parents are going through, so, yeah, it is very sad," said Marnati.


  • BKC

    I am disappointed that Newswatch 16 did not have enough respect to just allow the family to grieve – instead they had to show up and be asked to leave the scene. Have some common sense and consideration to a family who is literally mourning such a devastating death. The last thing anyone going through such a tremendous loss wants is a microphone shoved in their face and an interview taking place.

    Continue praying for the families involved.

  • Thereaper

    Another reason bikes should be fitted with flashing lights and if ridden on public streets should be licensed and insured this is very tragic for the family and even more for the driver of the truck who will carry this to his grave

    • Lori

      When are people going to learn that their isn’t a fix for everything. Things happen that aren’t always in our control. This is horrible for both families enough without you trying to shove some other kind of agenda down people’s throats. Accidents happen to everyone and instead of throwing more pointless laws in place, we should be showing the families support.

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