Facebook Has Spoken, This Is Steelers Country

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Click image to enlarge/Image courtesy: Sports on Facebook

Click image to enlarge/Image courtesy: Sports on Facebook

A map released by Facebook seems to confirm that there are more Steelers fans in Northeast PA than Eagles fans.

Rather than the Keystone State being evenly divided as some might think, a majority of the state seems to lean the Steelers way while the Eagles fans seem to be concentrated in the counties closest to Philadelphia.

Maybe less surprising is that Pike and Monroe counties appear to have a pretty solid Giants fan base.

Facebook’s map shows interactions among football fans and which NFL team Facebook users like the most. Each county is color-coded based on which team has the most “likes.”


  • Christine

    Why would anybody in PA root for anything Philly, haven’t we been trying trying to sell that city to NJ for years? Pitts fan all the way, including hockey.

  • Mr. nolan

    Now that WNEP has covered this, how about there be a little more focus on Pittsburgh sports in our area. The only time it seems that Pittsburgh is covered is when we’re in the playoffs, which luckily is quite often. How about some Pirates support too, I wish you covered them like you do the Phillies and all these New York teams…this is STEELERS COUNTRY. WAKE UP AND FOCUS ON THE BEST PART OF PENNSYLVANIA, and it’s definitely not Philly.

  • jim

    So who is facebook to say its steeler country . Put a poll out there. And see whose country it is ill bet its eagles .with what facenook is showing it saying how many bandwagon jumpers there are. All because the steelers have 6 rings

  • John

    Never liked the Steelers…always been an Eagles fan.Never jumped on the Steeler bandwagon,even when they were GOOD.

  • Faith

    So I am living in Texans nation with a large amount of Steeler fans! My family and I….Go Steelers! I think this poll needs to updated.

  • Thomas Hadesty

    A Giants fan for over 47 years . In Steelers and Eagles country. I think there is multiple Giants fans in northeast and central Pennsylvania. A Giant fan from Schnecksville, Pennsylvania.

  • Tim

    Found your choices on your poll interesting as I am an Eagles fan two times a year ,,, when they play the ‘cowgirls’ ….lol …. but I am not a Steelers fan, or a Giants fan for that matter …. Go Dolphins and 49er’s !!!!!!! …

  • Will

    This map is so off. According to this the Cardinals have more fans in this country then the Eagles. Lol wayyy off and stupid.

    • Eric

      Not exactly. This census is deceiving because it was taken by county. I counted approximately 21 counties for Eagles fans to 15 counties for Cardinals fans. You also have to take into consideration the population and size of the county. Philadelphia county, which by looking on a map seems very small because of it’s footprint, actually accounts for 1.5 million people. Mohave county, which covers the entire Northwest corner of Arizona and is almost entirely desert, has an eighth of the population Philadelphia has, but because the county footprint is so large it makes it look like there’s more fans there than there really is.

    • Mr. Pittsburgh

      It’s by area, NOT population. Arizona has the whole state by land area, but their population is WAY smaller than Pennsylvania….you’re not reading the information/data right.

    • Wilbur

      The Jets and Miami are not in the same division as Pittsburgh. Not really sure what point you are trying to make but you have surely failed.

    • Viscount

      Anyone who doesn’t even know the division the Steelers play should not cast the first stone.

      Like the NFC East is great anymore.

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