SUV Smashes into Barrier Under I-81 Overpass

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP -- The north lanes of the South Cross Valley Expressway in Luzerne County are shut down because of a crash.

Crews said the crash happened just after 7:00 a.m. on Route 29 in Hanover Township.

Authorities said an SUV crashed into a barrier under the I-81 overpass.  A woman and child in the vehicle made it out safely.

Traffic is backed up on Route 29.  Police have not said what caused the crash or how long crews will need to clear the road.


    • Warlock Luver

      It’s because that’s all women know how to do; put on makeup and nag their husbands/boyfriends to an early death.

  • Donna Werts

    Probably some a** making sure they got in front of another person when the lanes merge. It happens everyday. People actually attempted it when we were sitting in the backup. One got on the shoulder, then another, then another, pushing their way into the actual lane instead of waiting like everyone else.

  • sick of seeing people speeding

    all these accidents are happening around the area due to people speeding they do not like to follow the speed limits around here where are the cops at in the area i think they should be patrolling more then what they are … i live going towards Lccc speed limit is 25 and people are doing 50 up and down the road like common people its sickening !

    • Warløck

      @ HEATHER H

      Hey, I’m not the one who pointed out a woman was driving. Aim your vitriol at WNEP. Geez.

      Besides, when was the last time you saw a man applying eyeliner during his morning commute? Honestly.

    • public opinion

      HEATHER H, we don’t like your misandric vitriol, please take it somewhere like jezebel or huffington post where such hate is encouraged.

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