Suspect In Nude Photo Scheme Pleads Guilty

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WILKES-BARRE -- A woman who got upset with one of our reporters in March pleaded guilty Wednesday morning to corruption of minors in Luzerne County court.

Julie Ottaviani of Blakely hit Newswatch 16's Bill Wadell with her purse when she had a hearing on the charges.

VIDEO: Nude Photo Suspect Hits WNEP Reporter With Purse

She was accused of showing naked photos of her husband's new girlfriend to the woman's underage son.

Ottaviani is scheduled to be sentenced in November.


  • brayjm

    People have no right insulting other people .. Especially not knowing their story. As for this women her and children growing up endured abuse from her ex due to a drug habit. What she did was minor compared to what he did .. Its sad hes not being punished and probably never will be.

  • Hawkeye

    I’m sometimes surprised that more reporters do not get smacked when they shove a microphone in a person’s face. I still remember Bob Reynolds nearly getting knocked on his but several years ago…


    And this another reason why i’m losing faith in our society. We have women like her, who are old enough to be mature adults, but are instead acting like 15 year olds. You are too old to be worried about nudes, honey! By the way, our 15 year olds wouldn’t act that way, if we didn’t have people like her, teaching them that it’s okay/acceptable.

  • Ford

    How do you get the naked photos of an ex’s new gf or bf (for that matter), and why would you want them as an ex?? I wouldn’t want to see any of my ex-gf’s new bf’s nude…simply messed up. I hope for this guy’s sake that he traded up, at least in the looks department. This girl could just be having a bad day or year, as it goes. I’m sure the kid will get over seeing nude photos of his mom, there are worse photos a kid could see of his mom.

  • Scran-Tony

    Ugly old hag, I can sympathize with the man. Who would want to be married to a disgusting waste of space like her?

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