Are Property Owners Receiving Relief from Casino Revenue?

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WILKES-BARRE -- Grants from casino revenue have been used to help fund improvement projects and private businesses, but lawmakers say the money is also helping property owners.

Grants using gaming funds have been used in Luzerne County to try to save a historic hotel, repair a former bank and even help a private business expand.

State Representative Eddie Day Pashinski told Newswatch 16 that most of the revenue is directed to property owners for school property tax relief.

"A lot of folks don`t even know that they`re getting it. In Wilkes-Barre, they`re getting $215 back off of their property tax assessment,” said Pashinski. "The property tax rebate is that $0.34 out of every dollar that goes into the casinos comes back in their homestead category."

Some people who live in Luzerne County said they could use more help.

"Just with school, municipalities all that, it comes almost to $3,000 [in taxes] every year,” said Christina Marcano. β€œThe goal was to help the community, and the community is depreciating."

Pashinski said the tax system in Pennsylvania needs to be reevaluated, but for now, property owners will continue to see relief as long as people continue gambling at casinos in Pennsylvania.


  • Solomon Grundy

    First of all Wilkes-Barre may not have a ghetto….Its just a plain jane slum…..Secondly…My deduction is like $54.00 according to the Homestead Act…Come on this is an insult to the tax payers…It was originally sold to us that the casinos were going to be responsible for a much larger portion….We are not foolish or naive either….Id really like to know how much gets kicked back to the politicians pockets?

  • Garben

    I doubt many living in the run down ghetto in wilkesbarre that they show in this news clip even gamble at the casino there so they should thank all the out of towners who come there and support them and PS if all goes as planned Mohegan Sun will be move from Luzerne County by July 2022 and you people will have no complaints

  • Garben

    Well maybe they shouldn’t give you the $200 off and your taxes would go up $600 then you would see it. The more you people are given the more you want it’s called greed and it’s killing america

  • Patricia Puorro

    Since my property tax went up 37% I don’t see how I’m getting $215 back a year is considered a savings…I’m paying $420 more per year with my increase, so still losing….I may not be a ‘gambler’ but I know a losing hand when I see it..

  • Chris

    Bullcrap! If they really would use the money from gambling like slick eddie rendell said it would be used for there wouldn’t be any property/school taxes! But god forbid we actually get rid of a government tax. Oh the horror! Pa should eliminate every tax feom property down to gas and institute a flat sales tax of 20% on everything sold. This dude is a bought and paid for union mouth piece. Plan and simple. He lies through his teeth….that were probably paid for by the tax payers.

  • Carl Lisowski

    How can the taxpayers appreciate the $215 reduction, when taxes continue to increase every year!! We receive a pittance while $1.3 million in a casino grant refurbishes a building that no one wants. We need tax reform, NOW. Support Act 76 and give us a brake.

  • Dennis Hartranft

    We as tax payers get a hundred or two in a rebate and businesses get millions.Give me a break, we were sold the brooklin bridge when the proposal of legalizing gambling was to help property taxes.

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