Grief Counselors Help Students Cope After Classmate Dies in Crash

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SCRANTON – Counselors were called to All Saints Academy on Tuesday to talk with students and staff after a young classmate died over the holiday weekend.

Authorities said 12-year-old Leonard Zupon Jr. of Old Forge died after his father’s car collided with an SUV on South Keyser Avenue on Saturday.

Leonard Zupon Sr. is still recovering from serious injuries.

Authorities told Newswatch 16 that the driver of the other vehicle, David Turano, ran after the crash and that he is suspected of driving under the influence.

While grief counselors met with students at the school, state troopers worked with Old Forge police to reconstruct the crash scene.

A crossing guard at All Saints Academy said he just learned about the death of the student this morning, while getting ready for work after the Labor Day Weekend.

"I happened to see his picture this morning, I said 'I know that boy' and then they said 'All Saints.' It all came together,” said Vince Piserchio. "He was a nice boy. Every morning him and his mother would come by and they'd wave."

Fr. Thomas Muldowney told Newswatch 16 that he and other officials with the Diocese of Scranton will work to help grieving students, who just returned for the second week of classes.

"Usually when students come back to school, it's a time of excitement and happiness but obviously the events over the weekend certainly have proven to be very sad,” said Muldowney. "While there's no explanation of a tragedy like this, we rely on our faith to get us through these very difficult moments."


    • Mother of fellow student

      At it again. Going to use every article to try and insinuate the father may have been drunk. You must be related to close to the driver of the other vehicle. You were ripped apart previously for your comments. Be quiet about what you do not know.

      • DarthPickles

        No one’s insinuating anything. Just making sure the WHOLE truth comes out. So far public OPINION has been very one-sided and we still don’t KNOW what happened. Take your own advice and show some patience and tolerance.

  • Warløck

    I hope faculty and counselors also using this tragedy to reinforce the importance of seat belt safety.

    Buckle up, kids, and remind your friends and families to do the same!

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