Police: Man Beat Boy, 5, for ‘Hugging Dog Too Hard’

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MAHONING TOWNSHIP -- A man from Carbon County is accused of abusing a 5-year-old boy.

Police said Daniel Stahler of Lehighton became irritated with the child after he hugged a dog too hard Thursday.

Officials said Stahler hit the boy, threw him into a wall, and slammed his head in a door.

According to officers, the child has a fractured eye socket, bruises, and had hair ripped out.

State police arrested Stahler after a traffic stop around midnight Sunday.

Stahler is facing assault and harassment charges and is locked up in the Carbon County prison.



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  • me2

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  • FRK

    Prison will be a fine place for him. As soon as word gets around of what he did he will get a taste of his own medicine. Mr. Stahler’s days are numbered. No appeals no deals no bargains. MAX in prison.

  • Me

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  • Chuck McDonald

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  • Mac daddy

    He’s kind of uncoordinated so if he trips and falls when taken in to custody, we’ll all understand.

  • Laura Puzzetti

    I think someone bigger then this guy should do to him just what he did to this poor little boy then give him just some more for all of us and throw him jail for a long time

    • Archer

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  • Sissy

    After hearing this, I’m sure the whole neighborhood is on the lookout for Mr. Stahler, not just the police!

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