Spending Labor Day Holiday At Promised Land State Park

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PROMISED LAND STATE PARK -- With the Labor Day holiday weekend here, what better way to spend these last days of summer than on the beach?

Some friends and their families traveled from Monroe County to soak up the rays at Promised Land State Park in Pike County.

“Nice to be at the beach. It's a beautiful place, the leaves are starting to change a bit, it's great,” said Karen Dispasquale from Cresco.

“Well, it's a lot of fun to hang out with our friends here and swim and baseball and stuff,” said Dean Nyverg from Cresco.

Camp sites were set up as many were staying through the weekend, some even longer.

Paul Sprigg from Philadelphia is staying for 11 days, hoping to catch a lot of fish.

“It's beautiful around here. I grew up around here. My grandfather had property here so we come back every year to be in the same area, do a little fishing, see some wildlife and relax,” said Sprigg.

Of course, if you're still traveling to your destination, you can always recharge by taking advantage of the free coffee stations at area rest stops along the way.

Inside one coffee break stop off Interstate 84, run by church members from Hazleton, it had much more than free java. If offered a map to let people leave push pins on the spots they're coming from.

“We like to know where people are coming from, where they're going and it's our opportunity to spend this time to serve people, “said Stacy McDonough with Full Gospel Fellowship. “Serve our community and get to know where people are coming, where their last stop might have been.”

Bill Sines is traveling from Ohio to Connecticut and says this break is much appreciated.

“We can't stop that often but when you can stop and get a sugar break it helps,” said Sines.

And wherever you are going, get there safe and sound and remember to have a happy Labor Day!

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