Repairs Underway At Mall After “Smashing” Entrance

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SCRANTON --  Police are trying to figure out why a driver drove right into Boscov's department store at the Mall at Steamtown Friday morning, leaving a hole in the glass, and that part of the building off limits.

Scranton police say the driver was sitting at the red light on Wyoming Avenue. When it turned green he went straight then straight through the doors of Boscov's.

Crews were working most of the day shoring up the entrance.

Boscov's employees had a precarious problem on the eve of what's typically one of their biggest for sales.

A construction crew was called in to shore up the hole left by the driver who went straight through the front entrance of Boscov's at the Mall at Steamtown.

"I don't know why they had to run into the door like that. There's enough room for the car."

Scranton police don't know either why Michael Fisher of Duryea went straight after the light on Wyoming and Lackawanna Avenues turned green. But, he did and went smashing through the mall's doors.

Fisher was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and is expected to be OK.

Shoppers who showed up hours later couldn't help but stare.

"There must have been a good doorbuster. I'll have to go in and check it out!"

We heard that joke a lot from passing shoppers. Boscov's employees, though, weren't laughing.

Officials with Boscov's say that if they put a post back into place, it could shatter all the glass in the entrance. So, they'll have to take the whole thing apart then put it back together again.

The caution tape created a lot of confusion for Boscov's habitual shoppers who came by for Labor Day sales.

"I was heading in to do a little shopping, after taking a walk around the block, a little exercise. I walked down here to get into the mall and it's roped off, no such luck. I'll walk a little further, get more exercise," said Joan Manley of Moosic.

Crews have shored up the entrance enough and put in a temporary wall so that shoppers can use this entrance to the mall now.

Scranton police say they're still investigating the crash, looking into whether the driver was intoxicated when the crash happened around 5:30 a.m. Friday.

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