Police: Fake Cop Cuffed After He Tried to Pull Cruiser Over

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MAHANOY CITY -- Police arrested a man who officers said was caught posing as a fake cop in Schuylkill County.

Mahanoy City Police said the New Jersey man followed their cruiser Thursday night flashing his lights and beeping the horn.

Alexis Colon, 26, was wearing nothing but underwear as he was taken to a magistrate's office in Schuylkill County. That's because the stolen sheriff's uniform he had been wearing was removed for evidence.

When we tried to speak with him the only thing he copped was an attitude.

"Where'd you get the uniform?"

Where you work at?"he replied.

Mahanoy City police officer T J Rentchler says it all started when Colon flagged him down in his car honking his horn and flashing lights late Thursday night.

It was along Centre Street in Mahanoy City where Colon started chasing police, but it wasn't until police got back to the station that they realized he was impersonating a cop.

"Mr. Colon got out of his vehicle, and identified himself as a sheriff from New Jersey. He said he was robbed, and he wanted to make a report to law enforcement," Ptlm. Rentchler said.

After checking on him, police found a lengthy criminal record and learned he was using many identities.

Police say they found fake IDs, a BB gun, real bullets, and drug paraphernalia in Colon's car.

He was in Mahanoy City because his girlfriend lives here.

"It's quite a disgrace to everybody who put the hard work into becoming a law enforcement officer and it's scary," Ptlm. Rentchler said.

"You don't know if he is a cop or if he's a fake cop. If he's a fake cop, he could take you anywhere and get rid of you," said Gerald Yeneskie.

But some say they're not surprised.

"Somebody who did something like that, what would you expect of them? You look into their history, you find out it's routine," said Larry Walsh.

Colon is locked up in Schuylkill County charged with impersonating an officer, tampering with evidence and public records, giving false ID to officers, and conspiracy.

The Passaic County sheriff department has been notified and they told police a lot of their uniforms were stolen recently.

See the full exchange between Newswatch 16's Lara Greenberg and Colon below.


  • Katie

    Is this the same man who was impersonating a cop in Bradford County, or should Bradford County citizens still be concerned that a man who impersonated a cop, attempting to pull over a woman in the Canton area, is still at large?


    So what’s a citizen supposed to do when we are stopped and detained by the cops? When we think they are not real cops, even if they are real cops, because we may think they are not real cops, and now this crap has been going on all over the place and we just don’t know who to trust anymore because they may not be real cops, and when we resist because we think they are fake cops and they aren’t, but are real cops . Boy are we in a world of hurt or what? What’s a Law Abiding Citizen supposed to do?

  • toomany

    The only reason this guy was caught was because he was a drugged up idiot. He followed the cops around flashing his lights and laying on his horn but it wasn’t until he actually pulled into the cop shop they the “real” cops realized what was up. No credit given to Mahoney City cops for “catching” this guy. He caught himself.

  • haha

    I love how the reporter gives him an attitude back. “Where do you think I work at?!”


    Promote her!

  • brisny65

    So this guy is a cop from New Jersey. He got robbed and drove all the way to Mahanoy City to report it. OK yeah that’s believable isn’t it?????

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