Hearing For Woman Accused Of Killing Ex-husband

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BLOOMSBURG -- A woman accused of killing her ex-husband in Columbia County was in court Friday at a hearing that lasted most of the day.

And while prosecutors proceed with her homicide case, they admit they still haven't been able to locate the woman's father who also faces charges.

More than a dozen testified Friday against the suspect Maria Sanutti - Spencer of Harrisburg.

Sanutti - Spencer is charged with homicide and arson in the death of her ex-husband Frank Spencer two years ago near Millville.

"Justice, justice, I want the system to work … that's what I want," said Tedd Penza of Bloomsburg.

The victim's family and friends came out of the Columbia County Courthouse in Bloomsburg for a break between testimonies

Over a dozen witnesses including Sanutti –Spencer's former coworkers, the victim's friends, and officers involved in the case. They all testified against her at the hearing.

"There is a difference between losing a friend in a car accident and losing a friend in a murder for no reason at all."

Sanutti -Spencer continues to claim she is innocent but several witnesses testified that they saw her intimidate her husband on more than one occasion.

The witnesses claim she said she could have her ex-husband killed if she wanted to and they say she admitted to setting fire to his house.

"If she didn't pull the trigger she knows who did."

State investigators said Sanutti -Spencer's father Anthony Franklin is wanted on the same charges. They are still actively searching for him.

"She knows what's going on. Maria is a two-faced liar. You can lie and keep a straight face. She can."



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