Neighbors Helping Neighbors after Flooding

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FOREST LAKE TOWNSHIP -- The cleanup continues after nasty flash floods last week in Susquehanna County. Neighbors are helping neighbors as they start to recover from all the damage.

The sound of heavy machinery putting a driveway back together could be heard along Route 267 Monday afternoon, after torrential downpours washed away tons of dirt and rock from Roxann Williams' only way in or out of her home near Montrose.

"It's a beautiful thing to see," she said.

The sight on Friday, however, was not a thing of beauty. Instead, the power of moving water. Homes including Williams' were facing a steep uphill climb to recovery and neighbors got things moving.

"Overwhelmed, very overwhelmed. They`re angels in my eyes, heroes. No one takes time out of their schedules to help anymore," added Williams.

George Miller took it upon himself to match up crews with different homes hit by Thursday night's flash flooding. He said area businesses are donating equipment and time, materials even, all to get people like Roxann Williams back to normal.

"The amount of damage we saw the other day compared to what these guys have come in here and done, can`t thank everyone enough," said Miller.

"It's kind of surreal to know a community and companies would donate time and equipment to help the community," said Williams' daughter Jillian Smith.

Since late Thursday, Don Zaleski has had a mess on his hands in Choconut Township. His entire home was devastated by those flood waters and little by little people have been coming by to help him clean up. He`s already well on his way.

"Word got out through work. My boss, coworkers rallied. We had 30 people here both days just grinding and working," said Zaleski.

There's still a lot more to do, but at least these neighbors know they're in it together.