Philadelphia Team Loses In Nail-biter Elimination LLWS Game

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SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT -- It was a nail-biter of a game for the Little League World Series showdown between the teams from Philadelphia and Chicago Thursday night.

Philadelphia's Taney Dragons were down by one run in this elimination game, going to bat at the top of the sixth inning. Unfortunately, Chicago was able to hold them off, beating Philly 6-5.

With everything riding on this game, both teams came out of the batter’s box literally swinging.

Within the first inning, the Taney Dragons from Philadelphia and Jackie Robinson West from Chicago were tied 2-2.

“Very intense, but it's a good game so far. That'`s all we can count for,” said Wala Tillman of Williamsport.

This was a make-or-break game with the winner advancing in the series and the loser going home.

“It doesn't even matter whether we win or lose. We made it a very long way and I'm excited for them,” said LaDonald Oliver from Williamsport.

“They've had a great run. It's always nice to see teams come out from nowhere,” said Craig D’Angelo from Delaware.

For some folks, the game was personal.

They are the relatives of Taney shortstop Jared Sprague-Lott.

“It's both ready exciting and very nerve-racking,” said grandfather Dick Sprague. “When he hit the home run in the first game, I nearly collapsed.”

The crowd was much lighter than Philly's game the night before, down by about 1,000 people.

That could be because Taney's star-pitcher, Mo'Ne Davis, wasn't on the mound, playing first base instead.

“Mo'Ne Davis isn't eligible. She pitched yesterday,” explained a fan from Ohio.

Davis' pop fly to right field didn't get her on base, but people say her athletic power hit a home run in their hearts.

“She has the guts to come out here and play with the boys. She's doing great. First girl to win a game here. It was just awesome. It was a shutout, the complete game. It's just crazy,” said Dillon Morgan from Greencastle, PA.

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