The Marching Colonels Ready for Debut

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WILKES-BARRE -- For some students, the idea of attending Wilkes university is starting to sound a little sweeter. The school in Luzerne County is getting ready to debut its first ever marching band.

Wilkes University football players are making huge strides getting ready for the season ahead, but something has always been missing from the field. There's nothing like some good tunes to get pumped up for a game.

"It just ups everybody's game. It's a wonderful opportunity for all of us," said band director Dr. Phil Simon.

Dr. Phil Simon is the new band director of the new and first ever marching band at Wilkes University, the Marching Colonels.

"I think it's awesome. We have our names on the inside of our uniforms and everything because we're legacy players, and I think it's really cool being the first," said Wilkes freshman Elizabeth Jensolowsky.

The school's new president approached Dr. Simon about the idea last year.  Simon used the year to recruit band members.

"They came here partially at least because we now have a marching band," said Dr. Simon.

The band is what brought Elizabeth Jensolowsky to Wilkes.

"I was trying to decide between two colleges, and it just so happened that this college is starting a marching band, so that was my deciding factor of going here," said Jensolowsky.

For those who already attended Wilkes, like senior James Daly, it simply offered a new opportunity.

"I was pretty excited. It's definitely something that was missing from campus," said Wilkes senior James Daly.

The band only has 32 members, but that's 32 members more than any other college in Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties since no others have a marching band. The band won't compete but it will play during half time at Wilkes home games.

"It's kind of fun to know that you're part of the group that's really getting it up on its feet," said Daly.

The band will perform at the first home game against Muhlenburg College on September 6.

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  • bobc74

    Too bad the University ditched it’s Bachelor of Music program years ago. Maybe if they hadn’t there’d be more than 32 members.

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