Scranton’s “Cedar Point” Nearing Completion

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SCRANTON -- Crews are almost done rebuilding an entire city block in Scranton. United Neighborhood Centers has been building new homes and retail space in South Scranton and it is almost ready for the moving trucks.

If you haven't been down Scranton's Cedar Avenue lately, you may have to do a double take.

An entire city block has been replaced by new bricks, new mortar, and the developer hopes, a new beginning for this South Scranton neighborhood.

"It's good to see new things being built, the old things that were dilapidated to be torn down. It's just, it's just nice," said Dennis Zackowski, who lives just off Cedar Avenue.

Neighbors said so far it's just been a boost in morale for the people who already live along Cedar Avenue.

In October, when the Cedar Point complex opens, the business model United Neighborhood Centers thought up nearly a decade ago will be put to the test.

A big part of the project are retail spaces with townhouses on top designed for owners to live above their business. United Neighborhood Centers told Newswatch 16 almost all the leases are signed. They will include a travel agent and a coffee shop.

"We like to see new businesses. We like to see new residents. That's really what community development is. It brings people back to the community," said Martin Fota of United Neighborhood Centers.

The project also includes 30 apartments. Officials with United Neighborhood Centers hope the mix of renters and owners bring new investment this neighborhood hasn't seen in a while.

People who already have made this place home say they will wait and see.

"It's been improving the past few years and I just hope it stays that way and brings business to the area," Zackowski added.

The apartments will be ready for leasing, and the businesses ready to open in October.

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