Alleged Rock Throwers in Union County Court

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LEWISBURG -- Prosecutors say four teenagers threw rocks from an Interstate 80 overpass in Union County last month. A woman from Ohio was critically injured when one of those rocks went right through the windshield. One of those teens had a hearing on Tuesday and the testimony was graphic and emotional.

The victim's husband said it was the first time he heard the 911 tape when it was played Tuesday in court. The family said it was hard reliving the night of July 10th and brought back a lot of emotion.

One by one the four teenagers accused of throwing rocks off an Interstate 80 overpass walked into the Union County Courthouse in Lewisburg for their preliminary hearings. It was the first time Brett Lahr, Tyler Porter, Keefer McGee, and Dylan Lahr would come face to face with the Budd family, who's matriarch Sharon was severely hurt by one of the rocks.

"I hope maybe them seeing us made them feel bad. I don't know if it did or not, but they know what they did and it was hard to see them," Kaylee Budd said.

"It made it more real. It happened. Those gentlemen, gentlemen, those guys were involved. They know what they did," Randy Budd said.

Sharon's husband Randy testified in court. He described the moment the rock hit his windshield.

He said, "It was the most gruesome thing I've ever, ever seen."

Only one teen, Brett Lahr, went ahead with his hearing. The other three teens gave up that right. In the end, the judge decided Brett Lahr will go to trial on charges including aggravated assault. One of the other defendants, Keefer McGee, testified against Lahr.

He told the court, "We were all laughing thinking it was funny. We laughed, tossed out rocks and drove home."

"I'm like around the same age and I just could never imagine myself doing something like that or thinking that could be a good time," Kaylee said.

"Very, very malicious, violent and something that changed our lives forever," Randy said.

Randy Budd said Sharon's condition is improving. She is taking steps with the help of a physical therapist and she did see out of her left eye.

As for the teenagers, the DA said he believes lawyers for three of them are trying to get their cases transferred to juvenile court


  • Good luck in the slammer !

    K said: “We are all entitled to remorse and second chances”
    Well is Sharon Budd gonna 2nd chance to get her face back ? Her Eye back ? Her life back ? This was a VERY SERIOUS and HORRIFIC crime, and should be treated as such ! Did you not read the post from the Gentleman who said his wife was in the ICU next to Sharon Budd ? He said these 4 should come and see what their handy work did to her ! And nobody should take this crime lightly !

  • MR. Zeeleto

    What are those 2 little girls laughing about swinging their arms too ? Do they think that punk is a celebrity now ?
    Sorry Brett, but in my opinion next time you should see your little groupies or friends or whatever they are, they should be Grandmother’s about 50 + years old each !

    You better pump up those arms some more dude ! Yer gonna need to throw guys off you instead of boulders in the shower room of a prison most likely in my opinion !

  • alex

    Talk about cowards and “tough guys”. We’ll see what they’ll say after a few nights with their new friend, sideways Steve, making sure they get it everyway every night, bet ya they won’t be able to stay quiet then!! And look at the ones little tramppy gf walking about with him with a grin on her face like there’s something to smirk and laugh about. Yeaaa hunny! Real proud of your coward loser bf. Bet ya she’s a keeper after a couple months in the slammer. little boys doing crime they don’t wanna pay for. Having their lawyers try for juvenile court. PUSS PUSS!!!!

    • K

      They think they’re all gangstas doing the stupid shhhtttt they do! Drop ’em off in the urban jungle and let’s see how gangsta they are!

  • Justice??

    Oh i am sure he is sorry…. well they should let the victims family decide his fate…..SHAME SHAME!!!!!!!!!!

    • K

      We are all entitled to remorse and second chances but it’s not like they didn’t know what they had planned to do wasn’t wrong! And whether their lawyer advises it or not, the silence from the rest of ’em and their entourage is deafening, and all we see is grim and stoic faces. No one publically apologized except Porter’s father, and Keefer maybe? They should publically apologize to the Budd family as well as the community they live in for all the damage they had set out to cause and succeeded. And I am tired of hearing; “don’t judge!” Don’t’ judge what exactly? Pretend this didn’t happen? Pretend this kind of mischief and mayhem never happens? Sure it coulda been any one of our kids who got caught up in this mess as kids will, but it wasn’t our kids, it was your kids. However, knowing it could’ve been any one of our kids should make us sit up and take notice to be even more diligent about what our kids are doing and WHO they hang out with! No more eyes wide shut people!

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