Millville Area Teachers May Strike This Week

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MILLVILLE -- For the nearly 700 students at the Millville Area School District, summer might be a little longer this year.

That's because the district and its teachers have failed to agree on a contract. It's an issue that the school and district officials have been dealing with for more than two years.

"We want to ensure that the Millville Area School District will survive and thrive moving forward but the school board continues to propose items that take the district backwards not forward," PSEA Representative, Mark McDade said.

McDade represents the teachers through the Pennsylvania State Education Association.

He said the district hasn't given its 62 teachers a raise in more than two years.

Along with that, he added teachers are also struggling with the increase in healthcare costs.

They are also seeking more incentives within professional development.

The school district on the other hand says they're trying to find a solution that everyone can agree on.

Benjamin Pratt, the attorney representing the school district, said that the district has been bargaining for a new contract since January 2012.

He stated it's unfortunate that the teachers union decided to take this action, and they feel that the offer they have on the table is fair and reasonable.

Pratt said the district hopes to have a contract that does not pose a financial burden to the community.

Kids, on the other hand, say they're ready to go back to school, and they want to go back to school on time.

"I'd like to play soccer, so I really don't want the strike to go on because sports might not be able to be played," one student said.

"I think that it's important that the teachers get the proper recognition that they need and that an agreement is come to," 11th grade student, Hayley Reichner said.

The school district and teachers union will hold a last minute negotiation meeting on Tuesday to try and get a contract finalized.

If they cannot agree on a contract, teachers will strike on Wednesday.



  • truejustice999

    Thomas, then become a teacher! If you think the profession is so easy and the pay and benefits are “lavish”, then get your teaching degree. What’s the problem? Everyone has the opportunity to have whatever career they want… if you think that teachers have a 3 month summer vacation and get everything handed to them, then why didn’t you become a teacher? Even a monkey would know enough to do that!

  • Thomas

    The teaches strike over such insane things. They pay almost nothing for health care and then complain when they are asked to contribute pennies compared to the general public. Nobody else in the communities they work in gets the kind of compensation and benefits. They all say oh well we have a degree. Guess what, most people now have a degree and we are struggling to payout taxes to support your lavish benefits and 3 month summer vacation. What a joke. A monkey could be a teacher.

    • Fratboy

      You make a pathetic, blank statement and post it on this board, why? Explain how teachers wanting fair compensation makes them bums, and why they are overpaid? Did you spend thousands of dollars to obtain a college degree? Did you spend four extra years in school plus a half a year student teaching when you could have bee out earning money, rather than spend it?

      • D

        I spent thousands of dollars to obtain a college degree. I’d like a raise too. I’d like better health insurance, and fair compensation. Teachers aren’t the only ones with degrees, but they strike every year for more, more, more. I’m just thankful I have a job.

    • Charlie Lucky


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