Neighbors Help Catch Men Breaking into Cars

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STROUDSBURG -- Two men are charged in Monroe County for breaking into vehicles in the Stroudsburg area.

Newswatch 16 learned Friday, it was a neighbor who actually caught them in the act and tackled them before the cops arrived.

Claude Turner of Stroudsburg says he saw two men trying to break into his Land Rover. His neighbors down the street had just seen the two thieves as well and called 911.

Before these guys could get away, neighbors and then police had them surrounded.

It was along Wallace Street in Stroudsburg where some thieves were caught red-handed stealing electronics, Rolex watches and cash from cars.

Steve Schlossman said his friend spotted two men early Tuesday morning, digging through his car.

"He caught some kids crawling into the back of his Bronco, so they chased him down, and they tried breaking into the car up the road, at the end and they chased him this way," said Schlossman.

Schlossman's friend, who was staying with him at the time, called 911, just as the thieves met up with Claude Turner who lives down the road.

"I happened to look out my window and see a few guys on my driveway. I come out to chase behind them, come to find out they had a bookbag already full of stuff they took from other cars on the block," said Turner.

Turner said he took off and actually tackled the men.

"I called for them, they took off running, and I went running behind them and I just grabbed them up until the police came," said Turner.

Police sent every available patrol officer to that section of Stroudsburg and arrested two men, Tyler Metzger and Luis Santos.

"It was because of the homeowners, people paying attention to the noises they hear outside, it not being the same or right," said Stroud Area Regional Police Department Lt. Kevin Transue.

Police said the people behind these break-ins have just been walking up to cars, and checking the handles to see if the doors were left unlocked, so officers are reminding everybody to lock their cars.

"We have to stress, you have to lock your car doors, you have to lock your home," said Lt. Transue.

Police said these men hit not just Wallace Street, but Lindberg Avenue, Phillips Street, and Kings Street.

Neighbors said they're glad the men were caught before anything more was taken.

"I can only imagine what else would have happened if they would have kept going that night," said Schlossman.

Police said there are still several electronics that were recovered from the car break-ins that haven't been claimed.

Stroud Area Regional Police are asking for anyone who believes the items may belong to them, to give them a call.


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