Sheriff: Man Punched Deputy, Escaped Sentencing

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SCRANTON -- Deputies from Lackawanna County had to chase after a man who took off from the courthouse in Scranton this afternoon.

He ended up at a downtown hotel hiding in a bathroom stall.

Lackawanna County Sheriff's Deputies said Roy Glenn of Scranton didn't like the six month jail sentence he was given this afternoon for missing child support payments.

So, he punched a deputy in the face and ran from family court as deputies were about to take him into custody. He now faces much more time in prison.

It's not exactly the scene you'd expect to see outside of one of downtown Scranton's upscale hotels. A small crowd of Scranton Police officers and Lackawanna County Sheriff's Deputies, and a man in cuffs in the back of a patrol car.

Deputies took Roy Glenn of Scranton to jail after a dramatic chase. From behind the rolled up of the patrol car window, Glenn told Newswatch 16 that he was, "just trying to help his family."

Glenn wound up at the Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel on Lackawanna Avenue after going to Lackawanna County Family Court to be sentenced for failing to pay child support.

After hearing his six month sentence, he punched the deputy trying to cuff him and ran from the courthouse annex on Adams Avenue. Minutes later police found him cowering on top of a toilet inside the men's room at the hotel.

The hostess at the Radisson didn't see Glenn run past her and into the men's room. She said it was a bit of a shock to see the arrest unfold in the hotel lobby.

"In a way I feel like it was thrilling a little bit. Because I never thought I'd be in the same place as something like this would happen," Nina Daubenhauser said.

Roy Glenn was on probation but free when he walked in to family court. He was taken into custody just as he made his escape. Now, he faces much more than just six months behind bars.

"Well, he's got some serious charges that he's facing now. Aggravated assault is a very serious crime, simple assault, and a whole slew of other charges," said Lackawanna County Sheriff Mark McAndrew.

Because Glenn was being taken into custody when he ran away Thursday afternoon, deputies also charged him with escape and resisting arrest. He could face about ten years behind bars now.

He was sent to Lackawanna County Prison after the ordeal on $100,000 bail.


  • Depressed Dad

    The Family court/child support system in Lackawanna county is the most corrupt bunch, Mine is paid and have a custody agreement with the county and the mother will not let me see my son, I haven’t seen him in almost 10 months and the courts do nothing! My home is more stable then hers while she sits and waits for her disability to get approved and collects welfare. I work 60 + hours a week and I’m still broke from the child support system!

  • tom

    Too bad the cop didn’t get a chance to punch his lights out.Oh-i forgot that would have been brutality-a good excuse to loot-get the latest flat screen tv & other electronics,a few cases of beer,cigarettes witnesses telling what happened if they were there or not-Good Morning America in Scranton-CNN-FOX-the usual clowns telling tales.All kinds of things going on and on and on.

  • bob

    Child support is such a racket! If it were a legit manageable payment to support your children there wouldnt be any issues….but the 500 bucks a month for one kid is nuts…thats why mommy is livin large

    • Zack Forester

      You’ve obviously never had a child. Mommy isn’t “living large” on $500 a month. The average cost of food and toiletries for a newborn are easily over $300 a month. That’s not counting clothing, toys, furniture, and childcare if you expect a single mother to do anything but sit home and collect welfare.

      • FrackDaddy

        I think what he is referring too, Is if your support is $500 a month, thats saying it takes $1000 a month to raise the child. It Takes two to tango right? But he also has a point, that child support is a career for some ladies!
        My solution? Keep your leg’s closed!

      • matt

        U do know the state pays alot less per child to foster parents? It is possible to raise a child on less than 500 a month. I don’t pay child support and Ik it’s a scam. I make 100k plus a year and I still dont spend more than 500 a month on my child. That’s taking into how much heat water food ext. so stop with ur b/s and open ur eyes. Ur part of the reason the system ad society is the way it is today.

    • TONY

      SIX months without child support, now at 80/90 dollars daily it costs the taxpayer in lock-up, and now NO real JOB after release THAT IS A REAL PROBLEM / ON THE BRIGHT SIDE ONLY 23 months for hit-run or kill a poor 5 year old crossing a street ,NOW YOU GET 36 MONTHS. IS THERE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE???

    • Lindsay

      I would love an inside look into your life and character. Im fairly certain you’re not someone society needs or would miss.

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