WNEP Nominated for Three Regional Emmy Awards

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Newswatch 16 is proud to announce that it has received three nominations by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Mid-Atlantic Chapter.

Suzanne Goldklang received a nomination for Spot News on a story about riders getting stuck on a Ferris Wheel at the Wyoming County Fair as well as for Best Reporter.

Dave Bohman is also nominated in the category of Politics/Government News for a story about a local agency losing out on nearly $1 million due to a clerical error.

The 32nd Annual Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards will be presented Saturday, September 20, 2014 at the Philadelphia Hilton on City Avenue in Philadelphia.


  • Mad In Hazleton

    How about you do this WNEP TV.. With the election coming up in Nov for Gov. , and all these ads running on your station, how about instead of WNEP TV 16 taking the political ad money and lining your pockets, you do a program on how each ad is truthful or lying…..so the voters will be informed..Take the ad from Pa families first,,, aka it’s the teachers union.. They say Corbett cut billions from the education budget which caused property taxes to go up, but in reality they are lying The obama admin education subsidies ran out causing the budget cuts, in fact Corbett increased the 2014 k12 and down education budget in the state of Pa…….so WNEP please do an ad truth special and investigate, both sides claims in their ads….Just don’t be the pimp and line your coffers with political ad money. be a real news station.

  • HaynaDude

    There’s only one source for broadcast news in this region, and that’s WNEP. The other places have a small-town redneck orientation.

  • mdog

    Don’t forget to thank the little people. And by little people, I mean the 7th graders who write the weekend news stories.

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