Shining Knight Jake McCarthy from Scranton

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17-year-old Jake McCarthy is preparing for his senior year of high-school football.

"I couldn't be anymore excited. We got a group of guys that are just hard workers, and we do what we're told and that's how it's always been here at Scranton. I look forward to the football season, the basketball season and the baseball season," said Jake McCarthy.

With a full baseball scholarship from Coach O'Connor and Virginia already on the table, McCarthy has made his choice to play baseball, but that doesn't stop the constant visits and phone calls from college football coaches.

"But in the spring Syracuse was here, Temple was here, Lafayette, Lehigh a lot of them really we're gunning for him. It seemed like they we're ready to offer. They we're going to give him something but it's the point of does he really want to do football or is it baseball," said Mike Marichak.

"We'll I made a commitment to Coach Mac and Coach O'Connor and I'm going to play baseball down at UVA, but at the same time i do want to keep my eyes open I'm 17 years old and I understand my mind can change, but I am fully committed to play baseball at Virginia," again said Jake.

Right now Jake McCarthy is the all-time leading rusher here at Scranton with over 4,000 yards-last year he had 2,000, and in 2014 he hopes to get off to a hot start in week one they face Dallas up at Misericordia University on the carpet and in week 2 right back here at Scranton Memorial stadium to take on Hazleton.

"I'm actually thrilled to play at Misericordia. I understand how new the stadium is and it's beautiful. I'm also excited to play down here. I think our opportunities are great. You can't blame the facilities is what I'm trying to say," added Jake.

Jake has a vision for his future whether it's football or baseball and that vision helps him on the field.

"I think the biggest thing about his vision, his patience once he gets thru the line he has the speed he can break it at anytime and physically I just think he got a little taller and he did fill out a little bit. He's 195 lbs now and he still kept his speed," added Mike.

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  • slick rick

    While he seems like a very nice kid, the reality is he leads rushing yards because coach doesn’t give the ball to anyone else. This has been a reality for a long time. Oh Scranton Politics smh

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