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Fire Hits Home In Shamokin, Narrow Streets Hamper Firefighters

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SHAMOKIN -- Fire crews battled a blaze at a home in Northumberland County Monday morning.

It started around 10 a.m. in the house in the 100 block of South Vine Street in Shamokin.

When flames started at the home in Shamokin, it presented a challenge for firefighters trying to get enough equipment and gear to the scene, as the flames spread.

Video from shows smoke and flames coming from the two row homes on South Vine Street in Shamokin

When our camera got on scene, it was easy to see the challenge for firefighters. The street is narrow and that meant firefighters could only get one engine down the street.

"Trying to position apparatus in such tight streets becomes a logistical nightmare."

Firefighters had to worry about flames spreading from one row home to the next while having to run their hoses through backyards with fences and other obstacles. The rest of the trucks had to park a block away.

"Obviously we're operating in tight streets, row homes, and so it was tough trying to bring everything together to make sure it works the right way," said Shamokin Fire Capt. Stephen Jeffrey.

Firefighters dealt with their concerns while Dorris Burd, her daughter, and dog dealt with their own. They were inside the row home on the right when the flames and smoke starting coming from next door.

"It was terrifying. It was bad," Burd said. "I went downstairs and there was smoke in my kitchen. I grabbed clothes and whatever I could to get out." They all got out and despite their challenges, firefighters were able to keep the flames from destroying the place, but there is a lot of damage.

"I'm just glad they got out, everyone got out."

A state police fire marshal is looking for a cause.

The Burds are staying with relatives. The Red Cross says it is helping the victims in the other rowhome in Shamokin.