Three People Locked Up in Meth Lab Bust

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MILTON — Police in Northumberland County took three people into custoday after officers dismantled a dangerous drug operation.

Authorities said they went to a home on Broadway Street in Milton on Wednesday to serve a warrant.  Once inside officers said they found a methamphetamine lab.

State police were called in to take it apart.  Angel Prokop, Ace Elmore and Clifton Elmore were all arrested in the raid.


  • amanda

    fat baby that was found in some other day I want a baby he should just got for adoption don’t put the baby and I’m garbage can that’s ridiculous this to my family doctor that really want to live and I can have children

  • Glenda Artley

    I know this young lady and her boyfriend. I am in no way saying what they have been charged with is right but she has a young daughter and nieces and nephews. So let us not drag her in the mud until she has her say. My biggest worry at this time is what about the children who did nothing and now are where? My heart goes out to those children. Jessica I could not agree more with your statement but let is not forget that we have been given a black eye by more them this drug bust but by teens who where out to cause damage and damage they did cause at who’s expense not theirs but our tax dollars and the Budd family.

    • Joanne Oister

      Glenda I agree with most of what you say but perhaps the biggest question was why were they not thinking about the children? There are way to many people that get hurt by the selfish actions of others. The drug abuse here goes back many years and I know this to be a fact.

  • Jessica Woolsey Robbins

    Sad for what Milton is becoming. All we can do is work on cleaning up our town and keep our children safe, a neighborhood our children can grow up in and be proud to call home. My children attend Milton Schools and we have a wonderful community, we just need to weed out the bad.

    • viv

      If you don’t like what Milton is becoming then either be a champion for change or move. No one is forcing you to live there.

      • Jessica Woolsey Robbins

        Wow, did you read my comment wrong? I never said I did not like Milton. My address is Lewisburg,the border of Milton and Lewisurg shools and choose Milton where my kids attend. I attended Milton and have lived in Milton. The community of Milton is Wonderful, made up of some ofthe most wonderful people, teachers, and businesses. I would not want different for my children. Yes Milton needs cleaned out from this garbadge but I never once said i’m aginst Milton. We will always stand Miton proud, Panter Poud. Please read comments carefully and foolishly. Thank you.

      • Jessica Woolsey Robbins

        *Panther. Sorry took me 20 minutes to type the comment with this laptop acting up and very slow and lagging today and it showing each letter I type every three seconds and skipping some. Need to debug it I guess.

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