Something Missing From The View At Scranton Lookout

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SCRANTON -- Something is missing from one of Scranton's attractions. Someone apparently swiped binoculars donated to the Scranton lookout on East Mountain.

People who visit the spot said the lookout's missing a bit of pride, too.

This is something that has Scranton police and DPW scratching their heads. What happened to the large metal binoculars folks used to look out at the lookout?

The binoculars and its concrete base are gone, and who knows for how long?

The spot along Route 307 is a place where you can take in all of Scranton, but now you may have to squint, since an essential part of lookout equipment is gone from view.

Binoculars -- the same kind that are on the top of the Empire State Building -- have sharpened Scranton's focus since they were donated to the lookout in 2009. This picture was snapped in 2013.

scranton lookout

But at some point, the binoculars and the concrete base they came in were removed. But, no one seems sure of the specifics.

"Nothing is sacred anymore. I guess scrap metal I suppose, but that's really a shame," said John Cogger of Philadelphia.

Scranton police started a report for the swiped binoculars after Newswatch 16 told officers it was missing. A PennDOT crew brought it to our attention.

Police think the binoculars may have been stolen.

Some Lackawanna County officials responsible for bringing the piece here didn't know it was missing.

A pile of garbage replacing the base is a hint at just how long it's been gone.

"It's just like nobody cares, and it's a shame. It's just a beautiful spot. It makes you feel good when you look out and you can see all of the city," said Larayne Lutz of Scott Township.

Lutz stops at the lookout once a week and says what the spot is missing most is pride. She said litter has become a real problem here, and sure detracts from the view.

According to city officials, it's up to Scranton's Parks and Recreation Department to clean it up.

"It's a shame. There's a lot of people who stop that you don't realize and it just keeps going downhill."

A Lackawanna County official told us the Architectural Heritage Association donated the binoculars in 2009. We reached out to the association president to see if he knew what happened to the binoculars but we haven't heard back.


  • Dave

    How do you not know it’s missing? You have to pay to use the binocular! So nobody collected the monies once the box was full since 2009? Sounds fishy to me. I have stopped there lots of times and never noticed it there. Sad…

  • Warløck

    They’re probably in the same place as all those holding cells the county paid for to be installed downtown at the courthouse and misplaced.

    • deborahrmorgan

      The fact that they are missing and nobody knows since when…..will tell you that parks service hasnt been there in quite sometime and the cops sure arent observant cause thats whete they hide to catch speeders. Yep thats about it folks.

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