Giving Back One Pet At A Time

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PITTSTON --  Newswatch 16 reports on a lot of animal cruelty and abuse stories. They always get a lot of reaction from viewers.

On Thursday, Newswatch 16 talked with a veterinarian in Pittston who helps nurse animals back to good health and he does it all for free.

Giving Jack a shot is pretty painful but it's nothing compared to the pain he suffered over the last few weeks. The nonprofit organization One Dog at a Time brought the dog to Dr. Inayat Kathio in Pittston all the way from State College.

"Most likely he was hit by a car, and when I operated on him, the surgery took about three hours," Dr. Kathio said.

Jack came to Dr. Kathio's office with a broken leg and a bunch of other problems.

The surgery Dr. Kathio performed would normally cost $7,000 but he did it for free.

"It is a very satisfying thing that I helped somebody, I made a difference in life to somebody or to the community."

Dr. Kathio works for free on animals throughout the area for owners who can't afford expensive surgeries and on victims of animal abuse and cruelty.

When he's done with the dogs that come from One Dog at a Time, the dogs go back to the charity which then finds them homes.

"I just love how he helps them, you know? If no one else would have helped him, what would have happened?" said veterinarian assistant Lauren Polinski.

So why does he do it?

Dr. Kathio is from Pakistan and didn't have much growing up. Now he's giving back for all those who have given to him.

"It is very much satisfying. i am intoxicated with doing the charitable work for the community."

And Jack is paying Dr. Kathio and his assistant back, one lick at a time.


  • smokey

    iam sorry why this doctor charged you much just for a checkup/ guess hes not really that great of doctor.

  • lkr

    We had an injured stray kitten in our yard once and called him to help. He refused. Guess it wasn’t going to be on the news so wasn’t important enough.

  • mike

    He may be a nice doctor for doing this but he then charges his regular customers extreme rate for simple things. I took a cat there and he advised us a lot of excess things which would have cost a lot. we went to Plains vet and they took care of what was need for nearly half of what he charged. Is he doing nice things yes but when you recoup some of it by over charging it isn’t that nice.

  • smokey

    good bless this doctor for what he does for are furry friends may others do the same as well i always say we need and stricker laws in affect for those who abuse animals keep good work there doctor.

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