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Apparently Apparel for a Good Cause

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WAYNE COUNTY -- Apparently, the viral craze created by Noah Ritter after his interview with Newswatch 16 is far from over.

On Thursday at the Wayne County fair, some apparently apparel has popped up.

Newswatch 16 went back to where the "apparently" sensation all began.

Apparently, people in Wayne County can't get enough of the "Apparently Kid" after his interview with Newswatch 16 at the Wayne County fair last week.

And now Noah Ritter's favorite phrase has been made into some limited edition apparel, all for a good cause.

The "Apparently Kid" has apparently become just a little more famous.

This interview with Newswatch 16 has topped more than 8 million views on and counting on YouTube and folks in Honesdale have now created "Apparently" apparel.

"It's kind of funny how it all happened. The Good Lord put the idea in my head yesterday, we should sell t-shirts at the fair that say 'apparently,'" said Brian Wilken who volunteers for the Pike Wayne Shriners.

Wilken partnered with Platform Industries in Honesdale who started printing about 100 shirts in all colors and sizes and then sold them right where Noah's fame all began at the Wayne County Fairgrounds.

"The wheels start turning. We kind of collaborated, and we had some shirts lying around here. We just started printing. We came in early today," said owner of Platform Industries Chris Murray.

The profits from the $10 shirts are all going towards the Shriner's Hospital for children.

"That's the great part about it is that we're going to be able to help children, so we're going to turn this into apparently good thing," said Wilken.

As soon as this "apparently apparel" hit the Wayne County fairgrounds, it apparently, took off.

"Yeah, I think it will be great, it's something famous from our area. I say God bless. The kid's going to make money for children who need help," said Susan Palickar of Jermyn.

The family from Jermyn stops by the fair every year and picked up some shirts for themselves, still buzzing about the viral video.

"Oh, it was great, It was the little boy, the five year old. He's going to take your job someday," said Sharmon Twardzik of Jermyn.

The Shriners said if this apparel goes quickly, there might be more to come.

"Who knows, apparently something's in the works," said Wilken.

Platform Industries in Honesdale says if you want to get your hands on some apparently apparel, you can contact them through Facebook or get the shirts at the fair through Saturday.


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