Man Charged In Connection With Road Rage

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KINGSTON -- Louis Boch of Wilkes-Barre is adamant he did nothing wrong. In fact, he told Newswatch 16 another driver threatened to kill him after a disagreement on the roadway Wednesday.

Police said it started on Market Street in Kingston. Investigators said Boch was driving and pulled out in front of another driver, almost causing a collision.

When that other driver pulled alongside Boch and demanded answers, cops said Boch pulled out a silver handgun, pointed it, and then waved it around in the air.

"Nobody's perfect, but to point guns at each other over you know, getting mad on the road? It's really ridiculous," said Jessica Rodriguez when she learned of the charges.

Some people said they do not hear much about road rage in this area, but they are not completely surprised it may have happened.

"I think it's just crazy people being crazy, you know? No mater where you go, you're going to find people who are going to do stupid things and find people who are going to lose their cool," said Nicki Hemingway of Scranton.

"I think it's crazy all this stuff keeps happening here. You've got drugs and gangs and now road rage," said John Sydlick of Hanover Township.

After the alleged road rage, police in Wilkes-Barre boxed in Boch's vehicle near Public Square in the city before arresting him.

"I think it's disgusting. The city is just becoming, I don't know, so filled with violence," said Leigh WIlliams of Hanover Township.

"The world would be such a better place if everybody would just do unto others as they would have others do unto them, you know?" said Rodriguez.

Boch was arraigned on charges including harassment, simple assault, and disorderly conduct.


  • semore

    If the driver at fault pulled out in front of another driver is a registered carrier of a firearm, He has every right to show his weapon or fire if he is threatened. It’s the second amendment. Deal with it or don’t threat others.

  • BillNewspaper

    I find it extremely hysterical that people think road rage is not a problem in this valley. It is and the main problem is because this is one of the worst areas for driving ever. People make so many mistakes on the road and the main problem is they act extremely arrogant when they make them. As if they did absolutely nothing wrong. People do not obey road laws, signs, or pedestrians. In Forty Fort for example there are two road signs on River st right by the dike entrance in which is tells drivers to yield to pedestrians to cross. the speed limit is 25 mph and literally no one stops there. they fly by at 45-50 mph not letting anyone go. Why don’t they have the sign in the middle of the road like everywhere else? I was told by a counsel member that drivers kept knocking it over driving by it. Nothing’s enforced anywhere. Anyone who tries to get onto the cross valley (309) from forty fort knows that when they turn left, drivers from Kingston need to yield. Well I’m sure many of them have had people completely disobey that sign and when they get beeped at proceed to give you the middle finger as if you were in the wrong. There’s not enough tickets given out for poor driving in prone areas where multiple occurrences happen.
    It is absolutely laughable, however, to be surprised that road rage is new in this valley It is not. Now flashing a gun is completely uncalled for but proves the arrogance that this valley has when it comes to driving. People need to get out of LALA Land

    • bobc74

      At the Wells Street/River St/Rutter Ave intersection in Forty Fort, people coming down Wells Street toward the Cross Valley don’t stop at the stop sign, they stop halfway out into the intersection. But my two biggest pet peeves with driving around here: people who don’t stop AT OR BEHIND THE WHITE LINE ACROSS THEIR LANE (which the STOP HERE sign points to) and then at traffic lights they continue to move forward on a red light until they are halfway into the intersection then when the light turns green they don’t move.

  • ferd

    If somebody is driving like an idiot I just let them have there way. I will get where I am going sooner or later. That is why I don’t need nerve pills. Let all the nuts drive on by. Oh by the way did I mention I also carry!

  • Smokey Reynolds

    This is exactly why I carry concealed all day everyday. Too many crazies out there nowadays!! Protect yourself with the second amendment people!!

  • JK

    People pull out in front of me all the time then immediately turn off. Bottom line is these days people’s manners are terrible not just behind the wheel. Everyone thinks they are so important. Attitudes are “hooray for me!” and “notice me!!” “pay attention to me!!”

  • domari nolo

    In Russia they flash AK47’s out the window. Instead of giving people the middle finger I like to make finger guns and point at them…you are all in hurry to go no where as the country goes off the crazy train. keep rushing o yea raise the speed limits please!

  • mdog

    Rule no# 1
    if someone pulls out in front of you let her/him go.
    You have no idea what may occur if you get aggressive.
    Look at the times in which we live.

  • Tom

    UNless there is video how is this even a case. Let alone the driver pulled up and confronted him 1st. We seem to be missing something in the story/details

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