Taylor Councilman Charged With Forgery In Alleged Vote Scam

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TAYLOR -- A borough council member in Lackawanna County is being accused of voter fraud and facing felony charges for it.

Investigators said the councilman from Taylor forged absentee ballots for the November election.

Councilman Eugene Gallagher is only about eight months into his first term on Taylor Borough Council, but the Lackawanna County District Attorney's Office has been investigating him since just after he was elected last November.

He has been charged with forgery for allegedly filling out voters' absentee ballots, and some of those voters didn't even live in Taylor.

"I really wanted him to win. I put his signs in my yard. I talked to people about him, 'You wouldn't be disappointed with him,'" said Patti Moeller of Taylor.

But Moeller is disappointed with one of her borough council members who she's known since he was a boy.

She stumped for Eugene Gallagher, who was seeking a Taylor Borough Council seat back in November. Now, he is facing forgery charges and a violation of Pennsylvania's Election Code.

According to court papers, Gallagher influenced at least six people to register to vote in Taylor. Some of the new voters didn't even live in the borough. Then, Gallagher filled out their absentee ballots himself and turned them in at the Lackawanna County Board of Elections office in Scranton.

Newswatch 16 spoke with Councilman Gallagher. He did not have anything to say about the forged absentee ballots.

Gallagher did want his constituents to know that he didn't need the ballots anyway. He won by a big enough margin.

"I have no faith in him now as a politician. As a friend, he's ok," said Gallagher's neighbor Sharon Masler.

Gallagher's neighbors said rumors of election fraud have been circling since November and they worry the alleged scheme went beyond the six ballots Gallagher is accused of forging.

An extreme and, as he puts it, unnecessary measure to get a position his friends said he desperately wanted.

"He loves his town. I will say that, but you don't do this if you love your town. I'm just very disappointed," Moeller added.

Eugene Gallagher was released on bail Tuesday morning after his arraignment. He is due back in court next week.

Newswatch 16 asked Gallagher if he plans to keep his seat on Taylor Borough Council. He said that is something he still has to think about.


  • domari nolo

    Still believe in demoncracy ? Conquer and divide the sheeple and pump em full of fear omg omg Ebola Ebola…yea let’s vote for a new president, I’m sure 2016 will be alot different lmao

    • gafan

      Interesting to think that in your book a person accused of felony forgery is a good guy. You have pretty high standards, don’t you?

    • Billy Sweeney

      NO HE IS NOT! I was fooled, and that’s not easy. I knew from the first look and words that Gene was a certain breed, I also saw he carried some burdensome weight, who doesn’t. Because he was one of the only candidates to knock on my door and discuss his vision for addressing our small towns mounting problems I agreed when he asked to place signs on my coroner lot home. He lost and the following election cycle he again came and got permission to place signs in my yard. He was different this time and i soon came to find out that he was arrested for something that I find inexcusable. (Not voter fraud) Regardless of the outcome Gene would never have my trust again. I removed his signs. He replaced them thinking they had been stolen like they had been once before. I made it clear to him the signs were not to be replaced. Other candidates knowing this was MY house asked my mother-in-law for permission to place their signs. This was a cowardly trick and I removed the signs. What could be so beneficial in Taylor, Pa. a town of 6000 plus? That a man would risk his freedom to win an election. What could be so beneficial for others who feel the need to be not only involved with government, but king of non-profit fire houses with 95 year old treasures, and youth sports??? I asked, he had no answers…..? I am far from perfect and I make no secret of my past or who I am. God as my witness, I treat my neighbors how I myself would like to be treated and JADED as I am, NEVER would I con or steal from my community. My name ruined by yet another volunteer firefighter with his hand in the cookie jar. To the tune of $400,000, William Sweeney from Moosic, owner of Bitty Bills Ice-Cream stand. I hope someone will cast a long eye over my town that I have grown to love so much. We can no longer stand for corruption at ANY level of government or citizen funded non-profits. LONGER, MANDATORY SENTENCES. I am so sick of this.

      • Joe

        How dare you point the finger at ANYONE! You were just charged on 06/02/2014 with Manufacture, Delivery, or Possession With Intent to Manufacture or Deliver, Int Poss Contr Subst By Per Not Reg, & Use/Poss Of Drug Paraph. This is all documented in Docket Number: CP-35-CR-0001117-2014. You love “your” town so much, but you are selling drugs in “your” town! The only person who ruined your good name is you yourself!

      • Billy Sweeney

        How dare I point fingers? I Don’t, I didn’t conduct an investigation and/or arrest ANYONE! Oh, and (I) am NOT A COWARD by hiding my name! TaylorTilDeath, who are you? Joe? Read my post, I can throw rocks because I do not hide my past. I stated I am not perfect. No matter any of my sins never did I take from neighbor, and never would I under the guise of politics or volunteer service. I wasn’t arrested in on June 2nd. I was arrested in late April, AND, I never sold DRUGS to anyone. MY ARREST WAS FOR MARIJUANA AND A GLASS PIPE USED TO SMOKE IT FROM! One week later I plead guilty to a summary offense, Possession of a small amount of MARIJUANA. A plant that is now legal in almost half of the USA. Pennsylvania likewise just took a step in the same direction with a bi-partisan passage of Senate Bill 1182 and House Bill 2082 has few if any detractors. At this time my crime is akin to drinking during prohibition. I stated that I am not perfect and if you know me, which you obviously do. I never made a secret about how marijuana not only helped with my chronic pain but also the many other effects such pain brings with it. Is this story even about me?? NO! I only had the proper respect to post my full name while,——– pointing my finger….lol I may be many things that some may not like but that’s okay. I like me and my family likes me. No good rotten occasional pot smoker that I am. Gene Gallagher from Taylor and the OTHER William Sweeney had not only my TRUST, they almost got close to the boarder of FRIENDSHIP. They have now, along with you two cowards, brought my trust levels to an all time low. I am Jaded beyond repair. How do I raise my kids in a world where political scandal and thievery is not only common but almost accepted. My apologies to my wife and children who will pay somehow for MY openness even though they already stand beside me. AGAIN. I State…… I am not perfect and I have a past…… Never mind joker Joe calling me a drug dealer…. I learned from my mistakes, I’ll never pretend to be someone that I am not, and you get what you get with the real Billy Sweeney…. Blinding truth and a love for family and life unmatched. My friends may be few but unmatched. There are so many good, decent people in Taylor. I love this town. Maybe it is time for a little weed picking??

      • Billy Sweeney

        Wow, this is my 3rd post. I apologize to myself for posting anything concerning this topic. In doing so I become exactly what I hate about this world. Best wishes to my town of TAYLOR. May we all see what is important, our connection to each-other. Let power and greed be chased by fools.

  • gafan

    This is quite an interesting social experiment. It proves that anyone can spray on some cheap Axe cologne, get a secondhand suit, run their mouths, and somehow become a politician.

  • tom

    NEPA POLITICS-again-again-over and over again.One would think Democrats and Republicans in America would be horribly ashamed of their aristocratic arrogant crooked organizations.Time for some new parties to take over.

  • Charlie Lucky

    WOW, the corruption in NEPA just never ends, it just goes on and on and on!!!!!!!!!!!!! Catch one, and there is another one standing right behind him to take his place.

  • P. Kersey

    Believe me it pays. I can’t speak in this case personally but why isn’t my township pays township supervisors for “road work” or “cutting grass” etc. Lets investigate the townships in Columbia County and Luzerne. The ol buddy system. Plowed for 2 hours got paid for 8 hours work. YUP PA CORRUPTION anyone with a life IS TOO BUSY TO BE BOTHERED WITH THESE JOBS! !Losers with no life looking to screw the system usually take these jobs. There may be a few good ones but lets face it there more crooked politicians, township supervisors, council men etc.

  • Bob from Plains

    Do those positions even pay anything worth getting elected to, or is he making money “through the position” ?

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